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Aside from the wonderful excitement and adventure of the old west, the examples of courage, honesty, justice, kindness, and politeness depicted in early western motion pictures were the things that captured the hearts of millions and endeared us all to the genre of the American Western film. Characters who displayed high moral standards such as Hopalong Cassidy, William S. Hart, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, became our heroes. It is their example that we desire to revere and attain to in our organization, which is in agreement with our purpose regarding our western theme and our outreach to children’s/chosen charities. It is also for our own safety, enjoyment, and preservation that we embrace these same high moral standards, for they will protect us and minimize problems.

When the rules of the Reel Cowboy Code of Conduct are broken, disciplinary action by the Board of Directors may or may not be necessary. The frequency and severity of the violation will be taken into consideration.
  1. Loud, rude, boisterous behavior, shouting, or screaming is not necessary in our meetings and will not be tolerated. If someone needs to be corrected during a meeting or an event, it should be done in a civil manner.

  2. Talking while someone is speaking at the microphone or the musicians are performing is not allowed in our breakfast meetings. Conversation during that time should be taken outside.

  3. Gossip or speaking ill of fellow members or about the Reel Cowboys organization will be frowned upon, whether it is done inside or outside of the group. All suggestions or grievances should be submitted to the Board of Directors, preferably in writing. Submission in writing will simply assure that the details of any issue are clearly understood.

  4. No pornography, or other sexually explicit or suggestive material shall be brought to any Reel Cowboy gathering. This includes works of art (such as nude/partially nude women/men), humor, clothing (as in fabric imprints), tattoos, or music.

  5. Cameras and recorders: In the world of entertainment, a person’s image and how it is handled is very important to their livelihood. At Reel Cowboys breakfast meetings or activities on private property, no members or visitors will be allowed to take photos, videos, audiotapes, film slides, or phone photos for their personal/professional collection, to duplicate and/or sell for personal profit and/or for their personal web site, without that person’s permission in writing. This includes those who may appear in the background of a photograph.

  6. Profanity and blasphemy: Blasphemy, four letter words, crass, crude, sexually explicit, or suggestive language are things never used in early westerns. If Roy and Dale, Hoppy or Gene Autry wouldn’t say it on the screen, we should not hear it in our meetings. Let us respect the religious beliefs of others and take special care when we use the name of God. Let us create a pleasant and wholesome atmosphere for our club.

  7. Sexual harassment: Sexual harassment is against the law, whether it is verbal, visual or physical, but especially in the form of unwanted touching. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated in our group. This goes for both women and men and any such incident will be grounds for immediate disciplinary action.

  8. On the stage and at the microphone: No one will take the stage uninvited or seek to commandeer the microphone. Those who are not invited by the Board of Directors to work the stage must wait until they are invited up to either speak or perform. To take the stage and/or microphone uninvited is out of order. It will not be tolerated and is subject to disciplinary action. If you have something that must be said, speak to our Entertainment Director about it.

  9. Politics & Religion: Our organization plainly supports love of both God and Country, as is shown in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing “God Bless America”. In this nation, love of God and Country can take on many expressions. Let us hold to what we as individuals believe in honest support of God and Country and at the same time show respect to those whose expressions differ.

    In conversation and while speaking from the stage, references to political or religious issues/beliefs should, as much as possible, remain respectful of the different and varying opinions and expressions present in our membership. We should not attempt to coerce others to believe as we do or make implications that others are wrong, thereby making them feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in our club. It does not mean that we have to deny or repress what we believe in order to do this. The key is respect.

  10. Manner of Dress: Attire for all Reel Cowboy gatherings is western! Guns are worn on the first Saturday of the month only, And ONLY if there No live ammunitionin the chamber! All guns are to be checked with the club Sargent at Arms or the President.

    Clothing should be modest in that it does not reveal, or threaten to reveal or draw undue attention to a person’s private parts. For ladies, this refers especially to hemlines, necklines, transparent fabric, skin tight or “sprayed on” clothing and undergarments. Hemlines should be no higher than one - two inches above the knee off stage and should be at/or below the knee when standing on stage; when a lady is seated on a platform, the hemline (when standing) should fall 2 1⁄2 inches below the knee or longer in order to guarantee modesty on a raised platform. Proper undergarments should be worn appropriate to the lady’s costume; nor should underwear be worn as outer wear.

    Care should be taken when leaning, bending or stooping so that there is no view to others of breasts, or buttocks. Because figures vary, the suggestion for lady’s necklines is to reveal no more than 1 1⁄2 inch of cleavage. Men also are encouraged to avoid tight and/or revealing attire (such as hanging off of the hips). Shorts can be immodest for both men and women and should not be worn unless their length/design is modest. Anyone who arrives immodestly dressed to a Reel Cowboy breakfast or other official gathering will not be allowed to attend.

    Even when worn with a cowboy hat, some of the expressions worn by people today are not suitable to the theme of our organization and will be discouraged. These are things such as gangster clothing, facial piercing and heavily tattooed body parts in public view, especially if the designs suggest violence, blasphemy, pornography, or immorality.

  11. Seek to be kind and polite in every situation. Make visitors feel welcome. Remember that good manners and respect help to keep things friendly and fun for all.
Aside from service to charity and celebration of Western film, REEL COWBOYS is a social club, and because people are human and there is always the possibility of anti-social behavior coming into our midst, a code of conduct is a good thing to have. It will help to create an atmosphere for our meetings that is warm and friendly, not clique-ish, not rude or vulgar, not mean, haughty, or condescending. We want our gatherings to offer a pleasant and safe environment for everyone, including children.

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