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The Reel Cowboys are always interested in meeting new friends! We usually meet for breakfast on the 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 12:00 high noon at Big Jim's Family Restuarant in Sun Valley, Ca (818) 768-0213. Check our Calendar Page!

A typical Big Jim's morning involves 'catching up' on everyone's past week, a good hearty breakfast, our general meeting and (99% of the time), live entertainment. Our Emcee is none other than Evans & Rogers, a musical comedy song and dance team! They introduce select individuals and bands up for short sets on our private stage (we do have to be out of the room by noon)!

Member and guest entertainers that provide a "Western Slant" repertoire are encouraged to contact Sharon Evans for possible inclusion into our breakfast meeting. Voluntary only. Email Sharon at

Along with all this fun, we discuss future projects, special upcoming events like our gala Reel Cowboys Silver Spur Awards Banquet and scheduled Parade participation with our award winning entry, "The Jack Iversen Prairie Schooner and Memorial Float".

And in addition, any adult who comes to a minimum of three (3) breakfast meetings can apply for membership into the group! Membership fees are very reasonable. After meeting the group, eligible applicants must be "sponsored in" by one or more general members, then applicants are submitted to the Board of Directors for "official" approval and invited to participate in all planned events! The Reel Cowboys are very proud of our diversified and talented members and are continually growing in leaps and bounds!

Remember you don't have to be a performer to join, just share an appreciation for the Golden Era of TV and Film Westerns and what they stood for. If you haven't already, please see our "About Page" for more info and our "mission statement".

Note: Please be aware that there is a $6.00 miniumum by Big Jim's for each non-food ordering member or guest. The Reel Cowboys appreciate your understanding of our arrangement with Big Jim's, a TRUE FRIEND of the Reel Cowboys!

Contact Info: or

P.O. BOX 57203

"Did you know that every episode (156) of the classic "Cisco Kid" television series (1950-1956) was filmed on original Kodak color film? Also: Diablo and Loco were Duncan Renaldo's and Leo Carillo's horses names respectively".


The Reel Cowboys of Hollywood
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