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Reel Cowboys
Matthew Greenwell
Matthew Greenwell (Rest in Peace)Matthew was an actor, an IT consultant, and a web designer. He was also a longtime friend of the Reel Cowboys for many years and was the Social Media Director for us as well. In addition to this, he was responsible for uploading old western movies and other videos to our Vimeo pages.

Matthew will be missed as he was a good friend to all who knew him.

I have never met Matthew in person, but I have had dozens of phone conversations with him. This was a multi-talented man of many skills, a man of intelligence, logic, and wisdom. He was a friend you could count on, and many times, I did. I am extremely proud to call Matthew my friend, and I will miss him.
~Charles P. Scott

~Pensacola News Journal

Pensacola native Matthew B. Greenwell passed away on Saturday, July 7. However, as a lifelong fan of fantasy, science fiction and superhero mythology, Matt (as he was known to family and friends) would prefer to see it as making the "jump to light speed" and moving on to another dimension. He would not want any sorrow at this transition and would wish for everyone to "Live long and prosper."

A member of the Pensacola High School Class of 1973, Matt went on to study at Pensacola Junior College, where he was a member of the school's award-winning debate and forensics team. Much of his youth was occupied by the pursuit of athletic excellence and Matt excelled in powerlifting, bodybuilding and basketball.

Though born in Pensacola and ultimately drawn back to his hometown later in life, Matt spent many years in the Los Angeles area pursuing a career in the film and television industry. He appeared in several major motion pictures and national commercials and maintained membership in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). It was also during this time that Matt developed into a professional-level website designer.

Matt's last position was with Pensacola's Northeast YMCA where he was particularly happy to utilize his skills in the areas of landscaping and grounds maintenance. He had a rare talent for making things grow, as evidenced not only in job-related tasks, but also in the exceptional appearance of his personal property. Matt's home was surrounded by plants and trees and his lawn was the envy of neighbors. He described his property as his own little "Shire," drawing that name from the verdant Hobbit homeland made famous in J.R.R. Tolkien's novels. Matt passed away in his home with those green, growing things he loved so much just beyond the walls - life growing onward from nurturing hands now at rest.

Matt was a visionary who saw the world the way it could and should be and never wavered from his convictions. He will be missed by all who knew him and loved the unique personal spirit he represented.

Matt was preceded in death by his parents, Barry Tyler Greenwell Jr. and Audrey de la Rua Greenwell.

Matt is survived by his sisters, Sharon Rigsby (Terry), Chula King (Chris), and Nancy Lewis (Terry) and brothers Barry Tyler Greenwell III, Tommy Greenwell (Denise) and 16 nieces and nephews. He is also survived by lifelong friends, Andy Metzger and Steve Mansfield.


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