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'Sermon on the Mount' painting by Spice Williams-Crosby
Spice Williams-Crosby. Actress, Doctor, Martial Artist, StuntwomanSpice Williams-Crosby is an American actress, doctor, martial artist, and stunt performer, with a career in film and television which spans over twenty years. She took up personal fitness at the age of 26, including bodybuilding and nutrition. She is a third-degree blackbelt, a noted vegan, and has written a book and several articles on the subject. She is married to screenwriter/film producer Gregory Crosby ("Hacksaw Ridge"), grandson of Bing Crosby.

We all know someone dealing with CANCER and at the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, they have a beautiful Family Counseling dept. As a doctor, I know when one person in the family gets cancer, it's really the entire family that has to deal with this monster!

This HOLIDAY Season, you could make a small gift donation by purchasing a print of a painting I did that came to me through a Spiritual vision. For the past year, in prayer, I have repeatedly requested help to acquire monies for my next Faith-Based film.

I always hear, "have patience!" and usually I'm annoyed by this answer! However, in April, I was out running my 5 miles and in prayer, again, this time I heard, "start painting!" My argument with God was that I haven't painted in 30 years and I wouldn't know what to paint. Immediately I got this incredible vision and ran home to tell my husband, Gregory Crosby, when he recommended I go out and buy some paints. I did, and 3 months later, I finished this painting from the vision in my head. Two days later, I received all the money for my next film!


Patrick Wayne, son of John Wayne and Spice Williams-Crosby
Patrick Wayne, son of John Wayne and Spice Williams-Crosby
I didn't want to just hang this painting without doing something "good" with it and I felt this would be a good project to serve others & God. I'll sign it to you or a person who needs hope. I'm calling it "SERMON ON THE MOUNT" and it has our 2 great American icons, John Wayne & James Arness being guided into the LIGHT after the storm which represents LIFE with all it's Ups & Downs!

A donation starting at $20 for the small print or $30 for the large print (which includes shipping) more if you'd like. That includes shipping. I take PayPal at "" or Venmo at: "spicewc" or a personal check if you email me for my address. Make sure I have your mailing address to send you this spiritual print!


Select a Print Size (Includes S&H)
8.5" x 11" Print 9" x 13" Print
If you want to order by mail
Send an email to to request a postal address.

You can also donate directly to the
Donate to the John Wayne Foundation directly
by clicking here

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