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Phill Palmer
Phill Palmer
Photo Credit: Keith Maynard

Phill Palmer is a passionate actor, writer and producer from Te Aroha, New Zealand. He has starred in local theatre, short films, feature films, TV commercials and music videos. More recently he has written and produced his own short film, and started a film company.

Phill Palmer in 'Real Cowboy'His short film that he wrote, called "Real Cowboy" a comedy western, kiwi style is currently is post production. Phill played one of the main characters called "Blade" a hardened gun slinger with an obsession for whisky and woman. We are looking forward to submitting the finished product into film festivals in the near future. But wait, that’s not all! He is currently working on a feature film, the full version of the short "Real Cowboy."

Phill and his wife are close friends with two of our members, Katherin Kovin Pacino and William Lashbrook. Phill first met Kat and Bill when he came over to the USA and worked alongside them in three short films, creating lasting lifelong friendships.

He is honored to be a member of the REEL Cowboys.

Phill Palmer
Photo Credit: Keith Maynard
Phill Palmer
Photo Credit: Chris Lambert
Phill Palmer on the Internet Movie Database
Phill Palmer on the Internet Movie Database

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