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In Memory of the Founder of the Reel Cowboys, Jack 'J.C.' Iversen
In Memory
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Mark Moennig
Mark Moenning Retirement Plaque Retired Deputy Sheriff of
Merrillan of Clark County, WI
and a recent member
of the Reel Cowboys.
Mihaly 'Mark Moennig
"My pride and joy to the USA was to help our country stay alive, in a celebrity kind of way, without the negative force that some people always visualize with the uniform. John Wayne was my role model, and my goal was accomplished to save lives without tragedy." ~Mark Moennig


Mark Moennig - Sheriff of Clark County, WI Mark Moennig - Sheriff of Clark County, WI
Mark Moennig - Think Before You Drink
Deputy Mark Moennig, a weight lifter and member of the Clark County Sheriff's Department, poses in a muscle shirt next to his bright orange Corvette for a poster urging young drivers to "Think before you drink." The poster is his second in a one-man campaign for highway safety.
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"It's a pretty-racy idea. Make sobriety sexy: Develop an anti-drunk driving campaign filled with fast cars you'd love to drive and young people possessed of enviable physiques you'd love to have. Turn the drug and alcohol nay-saying into Just say yes to fun and fitness."
~Pioneer Press
"The message you present is a socially crucial one, and the idea is presented in a very professional manner."
~Capital Cities! - ABC Inc., New York
"Dear Mr. Moennig, I want to thank you for the wonderful and positive influence you have had on my three children. As a mother and a substitute teacher, I see a great need for clean cut role models like yourself. I hope you are able to continue your influence on young people as you have with my children. Keep up the good work and our family wishes you so much success."
~The Sieberts - June, Jacie, Sam, and Whitney
"Mark Moennig did an excellent job in defusing a tense situation with a few short, firm, yet kind words to the patient. He showed authority, yet compassion and left all present with the sense that our sheriff's department does indeed see itself as a very responsible public servant."
- click here to see the actual article -
Mark Moennig - Stay in Shape USA
Mark Moennig - Regional News - Role Model Maker
Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Moennig leafs through a copy of the script he wrote for a short titled "On Thin Ice." The movie stars a Midwestern police officer who delivers positive message about handgun safety, seat belt use, avoidance of drinking and driving and other issues.
~Regional News - Milwaukee Sentinel - March 13, 1995
- click here to see the actual article -
"A 30-second commercian built on a theme of 'exercising the safety belt': like a Pepsi commercial, it uses beautiful people and pure positiveness to people's taste."
~Associated Press
"It's the one-repitition exercise that keeps you alive and well on the highway. Moennig wants people to think of seat belts and sober driving as a part of a 'safety fitness' campaign."
~United Press International
"You and your crew have done an outstanding job in getting across a needed message in a down-to-earth method by hitting at an angle the viewer least expects... fitness. Great copy, great video, great concept."
~KTS TV 13 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Mark Moennig - Stay in Shape USA
"We were very impressed by the TV spots that promote safety and we read your proposal for a TV movie included in your brochure. We certainly would encourage exciting as well as pro-police and safety messages in the movie described. That you are an active deputy sheriff as well as a very talented communicator... perhaps even a future star of television or movies we know your fellow officers would be thrilled to show their support."
~National Association of Chiefs of Police
Mark Moennig - Regional News - Role Model Maker
"A quality spot with well shot video, good talen delivery and a very important ,message. This will play very well in our market... and without a doubt, your message will hit home to many Boaters!"
~WEAU TV 13, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
"This TV ad featuring fast boats, glamorous times, and beautiful women to the theme of ‘Keep a Friendship Afloat'. Safety Fitness, a melange of good living, good health, and good sense."
~Lakeland Boating, National Magazine
'Keep a Friend-Ship Afloat' as well as 'Think Before You Drink'. The qualityof both spots is very excellent as well as being upbeat and exciting for viewers. TV-9 is proud to air these spots which are attracting a varied audience.
~WAOW TV 9, Wausau, Wisconsin
Think Before You Drink
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