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In Memory of the Founder of the Reel Cowboys, Jack 'J.C.' Iversen
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Bret Culpepper
Actor, Producer, Writer, Stuntman, Set Medic, Technical Adviser , Swordsman, Equestrian & Firearms Coach
Bret CulpepperBret Culpepper is known for his work on The Postman (1997), Re-Animator (1985), and Back to the Future Part III (1990). He is a seasoned Character Actor with 30+ years of experience on stage, screen and television.

He has performed for eight years with a small Shakespearean acting troupe in the Los Angeles area, where he learned the basics of his craft, in addition to stage combat. He has also studied with coaches that have been touted as some of the contemporary greats, such as Kate McGregor-Stewart, Richard Lane, Robert Hamilton, Lacey Altwine, Mike Mahaffey, June Chandler, Nancy Wolfson, The Actors Studio, L.A. Fight Academy, and A.I.A. Studios.

He is comfortable doing Period and contemporary projects, and fits well into the skins of the mysterious hit-man, quirky detective, stoic Rancher, and the put-upon best friend, not to mention the doting husband & father. Just recently, he has been working as an actor and/or stunt gaffer/man and/or producer and/or writer on several Indy Projects, such as: the net series The Hunted as "Doc", Slayer Medic (starring Bob Chapin & Anthony DeLongis) as well as Slayers Inc. S.W.A.T. as "Doc", Slayer Medic & Fight Choreographer (with Anthony DeLongis & Kelly DeSarla).


  • The Unspoken Badge (period western): - click here
    - As "Deputy Cooper Johnson," & Armourer F/X
    - Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at "The Wild Bunch Film Festival in '21"
  • The Last Request of Sheriff Johnson (period western): - click here
    - As "Deputy Cooper Johnson," & Stunt Coordinator
    - Noimnated for Best Supporting Actor in '17
  • Virtually Heroes (action-comedy): - click here
    - Stunt Coordinator
  • Speed Dating (comedy): - click here
    - Stunt Coordinator
  • Backlight (supernatural-romance): - click here
    - As "Deputy Schmidt," & Stunt Coordinator
  • Lure: A Teen Fight Club (thriller): - click here
    - As "Cop #2: & Stunt Driver
  • Hired Gun (action): - click here
    - As "Officer Malloy," Stunt Driver
  • Slices: The Range Segment (horror-western): - click here
    - As "Thaddeous Cain," & Stunt Coordinator
  • Gunplay (contemporary western): - click here
    - As "Hawkeye Lee," & Stunt Coordinator
  • Four Queens & a Joker (western comedy):
    - As "O'Bannon," & Stunt Coordinator
  • Hidalgo (action-western): - click here
    - Tech Adviser
  • A Time to Revenge (contemporary western): - click here
    - Larry Mahan's Stunt Double & Armorer
  • Wild Bill (period western): - click here
    - Assistant Armourer
  • Round Up (contemporary western):
    - As "Andy," & Co-Stunt Coordinator
  • Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (adventure): - click here
    - Sean Patrick Flannery's Stunt Double (Pilot)
  • Alamo: The Price of Freedom (war-adventure): - click here
    - Co-Stunt Coordinator
  • Timestalkers (time travel Western): - click here
    - R.D. Call's Stunt Double
  • And Many Many More (see my imdb page)

As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, A.F.T.R.A., A.E.A., and the National League of S.A.G. Stunt Performers (NLSSP), My repertoire of skills has been described by some as remarkable, I've expertise in the use of period to contemporary firearms, S.A.F.D. training, I'm a weapons & riding coach, technical adviser, I have military training, been a working wrangler, I'm Emergency 1st Aid Instructor, and I'm in the process of getting Nationally certified as an E.M.T.-B. Specialties: Actor, Stunt Gaffer, Swordsman, Equestrian & Firearms Coach, Co-Producer, Set Medic, Technical Adviser.

USMC Commercial
Principle Black Knight & Principle Black Pawn w/ sword
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Bret Culpepper on IMDB
Contact Bret Culpepper on Facebook

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