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Premium Members

The Reel Cowboys are proud and honored to receive new members that share our same values. By becoming a "Lifetime Member," your "Special Sponsorship" donation will greatly enhance our mission to keep the "Western" genre alive around the world. Your generosity will also contribute towards the many charities that have been and continue to be helped by the Reel Cowboys.


We humbly invite everyone worldwide to become members of the Reel Cowboy organization and potentially join the prestigious 'Premium Members' we already have.

The Following Categories Are

Platinum: For a $25,000 donation
Gold: For a $20,000 donation
Silver: For a $15,000 donation
Bronze: For a $10,000 donation
Gold Deputy U.S. Marshal: For a  $5,000 donation

Each new member receives the honored plaque, a beautiful certificate, and amazingly famous replica pistol with a walnut case, along with other Reel Cowboy benefits. Thanks go to all of our NEW COWBOYS!

If you wish to donate, or become a Premium Member, call


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