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Recreated from the original article at Media One Entertainment
Reel Cowboys 20th Annual Silver Spur Awards Sept 15th, Sportsmen’s Lodge
Reel Cowboys 20th Annual Silver Spur Awards Sept 15th, Sportsmen’s Lodge

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The 20th annual Silver Spur Award Show, to be held at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City, California on September 15th (the doors open at 5pm, and dinner is served at 6:30pm). If you have not been there in awhile, then you missed out on some great shows, such as the 60th Anniversary of GunSmoke.

First, we have KATHARINE ROSS, which many of you know from the 1969 movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” with Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

Next, are honoring the famed stuntwoman, MARGUERITE HAPPY, who is also a world-renowned rodeo queen.

If you love country music, then our next honoree is familiar to you. KRIS KRISTOFFERSON will be joining us to receive his Silver Spur Award, as well as the National Veterans Memorial medal for his service to our country.

How many of you are familiar with the television series “Hercules, the Legendary Journeys” or the highly acclaimed movie “God is Not Dead”? KEVIN SORBO will be receiving his Silver Spur Award this year for his work in several western movies.

Our fifth honoree is no stranger to western movies, and has done work on recent tv shows. BARRY CORBIN, known for the hit tv show, “Northern Exposure,” is receiving the National Veterans Memorial medal for his service to our country, as well as the Silver Spur award.

Our final honoree for the evening is the well-known WILFORD BRIMLEY, known for his work in several old-west television shows and movies, such as “Crossfire Trail” with Tom Selleck; and we all enjoyed his work in the movies, “Cocoon” and “Cocoon 2.” He is not only getting his Silver Spur award this year, but also the National Veterans Memorial medal for his military service.


We have several special guest attending this year. MICHAEL DANTE (Winterhawk), JOHNNY CRAWFORD (The Rifleman), BO SVENSON (Walking Tall), and other guests as well.

Our entertainment for the evening will be none other than the nationally renowned, STEVE WADDINGTON BAND. If you don’t know who he is, go to and click on his picture.

Selling tickets rapidly…
Time is of the essence to get your tickets. You can either purchase them via (paypal) or you can call 818-395-5020.

20th Annual Silver Spur Award show

Final Notes:

  • Deadline to mail checks is September 6th.
  • Go to our website to purchase your tickets online (There is a paypal transaction fee)
  • For preferred seating, get your tickets now!
  • Purchasing tickets at the door is $20 additional
    ( The Sportsmen’s Lodge charges that additional fee for unplanned dinners)

Please, share this information with all of your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, postal mail, or any other way you can imagine. Tell them all that the tickets are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and ALL of the net proceeds are going to charities, such as the City of Hope Cancer Research.

Support our Veterans and your favorite Celebrities.

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