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Vol. 1 - No. 4 July, 2019 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE

Just Ramblin'
by Larry Maurice

I love seeing' the dessert sun rising
Through a cow ponies ears
If nowadays it's only in my mind
Down through the canyons and over the plans
Shafts of light
Through the clouds of time

Crinkly cold mornings
Storms without warning
Just the thought makes me stretch and yawn
Blue dappled skies, quiet night eyes
Chasing, closing the dawn

My dogs out behind me
Old memories fly free
Horses just waiting for whatever the plan
Miles of not knowing'
Just where we are goin'
Movin' just ramblin'
Testin' the land

Cattle are grazing', an old coyote is hazing
Three pups in the clear morning light
The lake starts to shimmer
There in that glimmer
A mirror of all that is right

Smell of horse blankets and grass in the wind
Of coffee, sweet and old leather
Only God in his wisdom and my memories
Could put that combination together

For me is no sweeter perfume
And it always takes me home
To the desserts in my mind
It's all that I see when those old memories
Punch a hole in the clouds of time

Provided to us by Cliff Erickson of the Reel Cowboys
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  July 6
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  July 19
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  July 20
Reel Cowboys Meeting
(at Denny's on Sepulveda/Burbank in Van Nuys)
  August 17
8th Annual 'American Legion'
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Get Your Memorbilia From Various Silver Spur Award Shows
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