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Call 818-395-5020
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The Nooseletter
Vol. 5 - No.04 April, 2023 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
Hey y'all. Springtime is finally here, and that means you can start planning your spring barbecues and picnics. Be sure to invite your favorite Reel Cowboy friends (that better be me).

This edition of the Nooseletter contains some nostalgic content. We have a 2006 article about the Reel Cowboys, submitted to us by Sharon Evans, and a video showing a 1999 news report about the Reel Cowboys with some interviews added to the end.

In addition, we have an article written by our very own Laurie Waskin about North Fork, California and a 1967 letter from president Lyndon By Johnson to Chuck Connors that was provided to us by his son, Steve Connors.


NOTE: We have elections coming up at the next meeting. You have to be present and have your dues paid up in order to vote. All votes are anonymous. NOBODY will know who you vote for unless you tell them. Be sure to vote on what you KNOW to be true, rather than what somebody has told you is true. There was a question/answer session at the last meeting which should give you an idea where our presidential candidates stand. There will be a five-minute speech by each candidate at the next meeting before you vote, so that may help you make your decision.

Remember: Vote with your mind, not with blind loyalty or your emotions.

Reel Cowboys Keep Old West Alive
~James C. Laughrie
This article (provided to us by our very own Sharon Evans) is a recreation of a 2006 article that appeared in the Acton, California Valley Press newspaper. This will give our newer members what the Reel Cowboys used to be like and what I personally would like to have it become again.

The Reel Cowboys live for another era represented by heroes such as John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and films directed by the legendary John Ford and Howard Hawks. Founded initially as a Saturday morning breakfast group, the Reel Cowboys realized they could do...
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How North Fork Struck Gold
~Laurie Waskin
“North Fork” – the evocative name bestowed upon this idyllic 19 th century town may sound familiar to western enthusiasts, along with an assumption the locale could have been coined by screenwriters similar to “The Roy Rogers Show” fictional setting of “Mineral City” and other productions. But this real life community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada has even distinguished itself on a variety of fronts that tie North Fork into some significant and...
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Susan 'Doc Susy' Anderson
~Kathy Alexander
One of Colorado’s earliest women doctors, Susan Anderson, better known as “Doc Susy,” is a member of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Anderson’s family moved to Kansas, where Susan graduated high school in 1891. That same year her father moved the...
The Real Life of Doc Holliday
~Ian Harvey
The names of the most famous legends of the Old West are known to most people. Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Jesse James, and Doc Holliday have been written about numerous times, and, just as the story of George Washington’s run-in with a cherry tree, facts are sometimes clouded by...
John Wayne & The Dirty Dozen
~Jeremy Smith
Robert Aldrich's great war film "The Dirty Dozen" wasn't the first men-on-a-mission movie, but it is generally held up today at the apotheosis of the form. The tale of the U.S. Army's most vicious convicts getting assigned to a suicide mission deep behind enemy lines during World War II, with the...
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Historic Restaurant
~Staff of
The tiny Southern California town of Cornell, just down the road from Paramount Ranch, was once an autonomous little community virtually unconnected with the farmlands of the San Fernando Valley on one side or the town of Malibu on the other. Nestled in the Santa Monica mountains between the two in the 1800s, the town consisted of a few small businesses, including a post office, and a simple way of life. You can still experience those days at this Old West...
Grizzly Hunt in Wyoming
~Mike Koshmrl
In Case you haven't heard, the War on Wildlife continues as some have voted to hunt and kill grizzly bears. It is bad enough that states like Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are systematically wiping out wolves, coyotes, and wild mustangs, but they now added Yellowstone bison and grizzly bears to their hit list.

Are we going to sit by and let this happen without a fight? I guess they don't consider that many Native...
Life on a Cattle Drive
~Bob Welch
In the years following the Civil War, pioneers, freed slaves, and Longhorns flooded Texas. Entrepreneurial cattlemen responded to the demand for beef back East and put herds of free-ranging wild cattle together in South Texas for drives up the trail to railhead markets in Kansas. The youngsters who went up the trail fancied themselves as cowboys of fortune—and much like young soldiers, they left home fresh-faced and brave only to return after one season...
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The Reel Cowboys
Western Actors & Stunt Men/Women Association
This is a long form version of a 1999 news report about the Reel Cowboys, an organization of actors, directors, producers, stunt men/women and other "behind the camera" people in western movies and TV shows. The goal of the Reel Cowboys association is to keep alive the wholesome values most often portrayed in the American Western drama as well as raise money for abused children and victims of domestic violence. Included in the video are never before seen performances of: John Mitchum, Cliff Emmich, Buck Page and Davvy Davenport as well as interviews with actor Jon Locke, Dayle Rodney and actor/stuntman Mike Masters.
Click on the image to enlarge it
Click on the image to enlarge it
Click on the image to enlarge it
Click on the image to enlarge it
A Letter From Lyndon B. Johnson
Click on the letter to see a larger version of it

A letter to Chuck Connors from President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967
Click on the letter to see a larger version of it

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Call 818-395-5020 for more information
Call 818-395-5020
for more information
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