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Vol. 4 - No.11 November, 2022 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
The Mustang Acres Farm
is Asking for Donations
The Last Three – NO ONE LEFT BEHIND!

This is a heartbreaking starvation situation that has FINALLY come to an end yesterday (October 23rd, 2022).

On Sept 30th, the organizer of the Michigan Tip Challenge Cady Jean LaPoint saw a post about a horse being down in a Horse Vet group and recognized the name of the poster as someone who had signed up for the Michigan Tip Challenge. Cady started making calls that weekend to local sheriffs and was getting nowhere with getting someone out there on site immediately.

On October 4th, I was notified about this mustang neglect case in New York for the mustangs that were purchased in Michigan. Being in Michigan, it was brought to my attention, as I have contacts in New York, that I can assist with this situation (Thank you to Ann Cunningham for always being there for us and helping any way she can).

The sad story of 7 Mustangs owed by one individual from November of 2021 until today, October 23, 2022, when finally, the last 3 were surrendered to The Mustang Acres Farm 501c3 nonprofit. Of course, with a fee to be paid for the release of the remaining three. We give a big Thank You to Clare Skydog Sanctuary for assisting in funds to pay for the remaining mare. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND!
All seven Mustangs were obtained between January 2022, when she got the first Mustang, thru May 2022, when she acquired the last 3 from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) during the Tip Challenge Pick up.
  1. One Paisley Desert Mustangs TITLED – NOW DECEASED.

  2. One Paisley Desert Mustangs TITLED– NOW DECEASED.

  3. One yearling to attend the Michigan Mustang Challenge UNTITLED– NOW SEIZED BY THE BLM.

  4. One (3 Year Old) to attend the Michigan Mustang Challenge UNTITLED– NOW DECEASED by the BLM.

  5. One (3 year old) Silver King Mare SALE AUTHORITY from the Michigan Pick up event for the Michigan Mustang Challenge – NOW SURRENDORED TO THE MUSTANG ACRES FARM, October 23, 2022.

  6. One (7 year old) Antelope Gelding TITLED – previously rescued from Kill Pen after being a SALES AUTHORITY – NOW SURRENDORED TO THE MUSTANG ACRES FARM, October 23, 2022.

  7. One (11-13 year old) Onaqui Mare SALES AUTHORITY– NOW SURRENDORED TO THE MUSTANG ACRES FARM, October 23, 2022.
When I was notified on October 4th, I immediately was on the phone with Sherriffs in that city, which said there was nothing they can do. Then they directed me to the Humane Society. I reached out to them and they immediately went to the property to site check, as I explained that two mustangs were already deceased and was told a 3rd one was down. While this was all going on, Cady Jean LaPointe was on with the BLM who she had already notified prior, but action was not going fast enough, sure enough the BLM REP then made a point to arrive that same day as I had managed to get the Humane Society Rep there to investigate. With that being said, the BLM did legally seize the one yearling who was still UNTITLED under adoption contract with the BLM, and sadly had to euthanize the other one on the spot, due to the poor condition, who was also UNTITLED under adoption contract. They could not assist with the remaining 3 mustangs as they were all Sales Authority/Titled, and they were no longer under BLM contracts.

I have been in contact since then with the local Humane Society office, still insisting to please seize the remaining 3 on the property. Really what does it take?!? Three Beautiful souls already lost due to starvation, but yet going to leave 3 more there to die as well. To just keep getting told they are doing weekly checks; as long as she has hay on the property there is nothing they can do. During all of this, with the help of Cady Jean LaPointe, we continually tried to convince individual/owner to surrender the remaining three so they could get the care that is desperately needed now, before winter truly sets in. Thanks go to Ann Cunningham for all her assistance in doing the pickup & her facility’s too for rehabbing, along with knowledge of New York State Cruelty situations.

This honestly has been the most frustrating thing I have ever been part of, but I was not letting this go away or get slid under the rug.

These three LIVES MATTERED and needed immediate removal.

YES owner was going to surrender to next day.
NO, this went on the for the last 2 weeks.

Until finally October 23rd, the individual/owner agreed to the surrender the two that are in the worse shape, but that came with the condition that we pay her for the last remaining mare to get her out of there as well.

Well, as a rescue, I would not normally pay someone to surrender but this is about the horses, & to get them out of there into immediate care and eventually into loving homes. Normally, we would have fundraised for those funds, but due to the circumstances and immediate need of funds, this is where again we give thanks to Clare @ Skydog Sanctuary for her dedication to helping mustangs in need, and assisting us and or other rescues when needed. Most of which she does behind the scenes and never takes credit for.

Once we determine all their vet needs, we will understand the total funds needed for complete rehabilitation a direct Fundraiser will be published w/updates and more photos.

First & foremost right now, is getting them somewhat gentled to perform immediate hoof care, vet care, the needed nutrition supplements, one as we can see, has skin conditions, possibly cyst which will need to be evaluated by a vet & quality feed is where your initial donations will be applied.

We will let them decompress for a couple days, getting quality food and nutrition, then begin slow process of gentling to get their overall health needs evaluated & determined.

Your support/donations at this time are greatly appreciated as it will go directly to quality feed, vet care, hoof care and all the necessities to complete a healthy rehab.
Donations can be made via the following directly for
“The Last Three” / Via FB post or FB Page donate button @


Mail checks to : 4223 Cade Road, Capac, MI 48014

Thank you again for your support!
Donations can be made via the following directly for
“The Last Three” / Via FB post or FB Page donate button @


Mail checks to : 4223 Cade Road, Capac, MI 48014

Thank you again for your support!
Written by The Mustang Acres Farm
Call 818-395-5020 for more information
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