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Vol. 4 - No.10 October, 2022 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
Grand Council Fire of American Indians
A Letter to the Mayor of Chicago
Since this is the 122nd anniversary of the Winnemucca Bank Robbery committed by "Butch" Cassidy, Harry Longabaugh (The Sundance Kid), and Will Carver I thought I would repost this from my earlier post on the robbery.

The real story of the Winnemucca Bank Robbery. As told by one who should know. A member of the gang and a particular friend of Will Carver.

Los Angeles, March 23, 1909
Informant #85 reports:
Referring to the three men who killed the sheriff and Deputy in Utah, I speak of their going to Dripping springs. I wish to add that they were there joined by Jim Lowe and Harry Longbaugh and they commenced to figure on future robberies. One wanted to rob a train, but Jim Lowe wanted to come back and rob a bank at Manti, South Utah. Some of the boys objected to this on account of the country being stirred up so bad, so they split up and Jime [sic] Lowe, Harry Longbaugh and Bill Carver started for British possessions to look for something on the road. They met a man they knew and he told them about Winnemucca Bank being dead easy. This man worked for a time for old Nixon (senator Nixon) and I think was in a position to know something about the banks affairs, so they watched things while staying on the river at a ranch close to town. The morning they came into town to rob the bank they came up through a field and out the fence at a place this man (referred to above) told them about, so they could use it and no one else could get through that way. Bill Carver had a couple of blankets rolled up and tied with a couple of straps. He had on hob-nailed shoes and looked like a tramp. Inside of this roll of blankets ha had a sawed off 30-40 carbine. Just after cutting the fence they separated. Jim Lowe and Harry Longbaugh came in first. Bill Carver stopped to kill a skunk and got the worst of the battle. After killing the skunk he came on into town and tied his horse and stood around the bank (I think at a public watering place). Anyway while he was there waiting the other boys were up in town in sight of the corner waiting for the tip that the coast was clear. During the time Bill Carver was there waiting an old couple stopped and talked to him and roasted the town for being so “slow”. They said it was dead and should be buried. Bill said he told them if they would wait around a while he thought it would get pretty lively.

The old man said “say, stranger what is going to happen, earthquake or something? Bill replied it would be worse that that. Just then the coast was clear and the boys strolled down to the bank. Harry Longbaugh and Jim Lowe went in first. Bill came in last with the foll of blankets and sat them on end between his knees and began to fumble in his pockets, when the other two covered the outfit. Then Bill comes up with his “sawed off” and covers them also.

Jim climbed over the railing and gathers up the “dough.” As they came out of the bank this old party before mentioned sees them and yell “Robbers”, so Harry Longbaugh “drops a couple” (shots) under the old man’s feer. The old man and woman started to run up the street with the old lady calling for them “not to shoot pa, as he wont harm you-uns”. Bill Carver said the old man’s coat tails were sticking out straight behind. The boys said the clerks in the bank kept sniffing, and Bill said he could hardly stand it himself. This was on account of his battle with the skunk. They dropped one sack of money on the street and Jim Lowe turned back to get it. When the people saw him coming they all broke for cover as they thought he was coming back to kill them, so they got out of the way. The boys rode all that day and cashed their money . . . . each going his direction to meet later.
Written by Ghosttown Bob Goodwin
Call 818-395-5020 for more information
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