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Vol. 4 - No.08 August, 2022 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
Getting to Know Randal Massaro
We all know Randal Massaro from the Reel Cowboy meetings and the Animal Rights Activism. Randal is one of my favorite and most-respected people, as well as being a personal friend. I have been trying to help him with his technology needs for awhile now. I thought it would be important for all of you to see who he is, what drives him to do what he does, and possibly what you can do to further his, and hopefully, your cause.
~Charles P. Scott
Who is Randal Massaro?
Randal is an actor know for his roles in Italian Cowboy (still in production) and Border Battles [2011]. He has worked for many year in loss prevention, the security field, investigations officer, gang counselor and infiltration. He has also worked in the prison and other related fields, as well as being a retired law enforcement agent.

However, is true love is his work as an Animal Rights Activist. He is currently the Administrator for "Union Members for the Preservation of Wildlife," which is an international organization dedicated to saving wildlife since 1970.

You can find out more about Randal by clicking on this link.
Website - Facebook Page
Randal Massaro
Union Members for the Preservation of Wildlife PSA
One small part of being an animal rights activist is talking to people, ranchers, hunters, trappers, fellow animal rights activists, politicians (both Republican and Democrat), and Native Americans. All of these people play a large role in the fight to save our wildlife, and in some cases, destroying our wildlife.

Here, Randal stops for a quick pic with some of his Native American friends.
Tom Porter's Animal Consciousness TV Show
Hosted and Produced by Randal Massaro
July 14, 2022
Tom Porter's Animal Consciousness TV Show
Hosted and Produced by Randal Massaro
June 21, 2022
Randal Massaro, behind the scenes at Dick Clark Studios in Los Angeles as he prepares to do an interview with his friend, fellow animal rights activist and proud member of the Apache nation, Apache Daklugie.

The TV show plays on Spectrum TV in Los Angeles/Hollywood area. TV show is called "Animal Consciousness" by Director/Producer Tom Porter.

Congratulate Randal as he was just appointed Associate Producer of the TV show besides being the Host for the show.
Reel Cowboy member Randal Massaro getting some love from one the wolves at the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Victorville, California.
Actor and Animal Rights Activist Randal Massaro at the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Victorville, California as he talks to visitors about the plight of the wolves.
Actor Randal Massaro and Tonya Littlewolf
visits the Mountain Wolf Sanctuary in Victorville, California
A note from the desk of Union Members for the Preservation of Wildlife. We did not produce this video, nor do we own the rights to it. However, Randal thought he would share this with those of you who as him

Randy, why are you against trapping?
Randy, why are you an Animal Rights Activist?

Maybe you will understand why after watching this video, especially for those of you who own and/or love animals like I do.
A Brief Chat with the National President
for Union Members for the Preservation Of Wildlife
Stop the War on Wildlife
Hosted by Randal Massaro
Guest "Apache Daklugie" Performs
A Day in the Life on an Animal Rights Activist
Desert Empire Vibe
Andrew Caravella Interviews Randal Massaro
Apple Valley Happy Trails Parade
Johnny Crawford and Randal Massaro get interviewed about the war on our wildlife
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hearings
Randal Masaro and Dr. Robert Ornales at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hearings.
Community of Cruelty
Randal Massaro and Fellow Activists Join Forces to Take On
the City of Arcadia on Thier Policy to Trap and Kill Coyotes
How to Shoot an Animal
with a camera or camcorder

Website - Facebook Page
Call 818-395-5020 for more information
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