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The Nooseletter
Vol. 4 - No.04 April, 2022 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
April Fools y'all.

The Oro Grande Days event is happening on April 9th. It will be lots of fun for anybody who loves western events. I know I will be there. Click here to see the flyer. Click here for directions. It is going to be a real hoot!

We have a couple of articles that have nothing to do with Cowboys or Westerns. One I found to be very interesting, and the other I wrote. Now you can get a little insight into who I am, where I have been, and how far I have come to be who I am.

~Charles P. Scott
An L.A. Veteran's 12-Year Mission
~Chris Karr
Every Sunday for the past 12 years, Vietnam War veteran Robert Rosebrock has stood on the corner of Wilshire and San Vicente boulevards in West Los Angeles, protesting the alleged misuse of the property behind him.

The 388-acre parcel of land houses the Veteran Affairs (VA) Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, including a VA hospital. It’s on a huge chunk of prime real estate—about three-quarters the size of Disneyland—in the heart of L.A....
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The Great Newspaper Battle
~Dakota Livesay
Being first wasn't always important in the Old West. But, it made all the difference in one race. And, the objects of the race didn't even move an inch.

In 1859 the Pikes Peak Gold Rush was a bust. The settlements of Cherry Creek, Montana City and Denver City were on the verge of becoming ghost towns when...
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Horse Slaughter Trade Update
~Animals Angels
Each year, Animals’ Angels takes pride in providing our supporters and followers with an update on the state of the slaughter industry and the progress that’s been made in reducing the number of precious horses caught up in its vicious cycle.

The 2022 update in this newsletter contains the most accurate and up-to-date information on the industry as compiled by our devoted investigation team. Many hours have been spent gathering export numbers, combing through shipment records, and compiling the data, as well as visiting all the large auctions and feedlots to witness the situation firsthand and document...
12 Women of the Old West
Gunshots and Gingham! Don’t Mess with these Wild West Women!

Men might have held the power, but these gutsy women ruled the Wild West on their own terms. From saloon owners to sharpshooters, outlaws to entrepreneurs, good or bad, they left their mark on history.

Annie Oakley: Little Sure Shot
Born Phoebe Ann Moses in 1860 in Darke County, Ohio, Annie’s young life was mired in poverty. At age eight, Annie took matters into her own hands—in the form of a rifle. She learned to shoot and hunt, selling the meat to restaurants to earn money for her family’s...
Eat a Peach
~Sherry Monahan
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Oklahoma became one of the nation’s leaders in peach and stone fruit production.

Fruit is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Oklahoma, but during the pioneer days farmers harvested and produced cherries, persimmons, ground cherries, peaches, plums and more. Most of the fruit was grown for personal use until the latter part of the 1800s.

After the Land Run of 1889, thousands of people rushed in to claim their land, and agriculture quickly advanced Oklahoma’s...
click here to read more... click here to read more... click here to read more
Yuma Territorial Prison
~Magda Origjanska
Considered one of the hottest spots in Arizona, the desert community of Yuma was the perfect place for the building of the state’s first prison, back in the 1800s. At the time, jailbreaks from the local jails in the territory were very common, so the authorities decided to solve this problem by building the Yuma...
Wells Fargo - Old West Banking
~Kathy Weiser & Dae Alexander
Wells Fargo began when prosperous New York businessmen, Henry Wells, and William Fargo saw a great opportunity in the west after gold was discovered. The pair, who had helped to found American Express in 1850, officially created Wells Fargo & Co. on March 18, 1852, with two primary objectives – transportation...
The Making of a Bully
~Charles P. Scott
Although this article is not about western culture, I felt this needed to be said; especially in the ongoing culture we find ourselves in these days.

This is a look into my childhood and how much I have had to change in becoming the man I am today.
click here to read more... click here to read more click here to read more...
The Real Oregon Trail
What it was like to be on the Oregon Trail
The Cowboy Wishes

~D.J. O'Malley

I want to be a cowboy
And with the cowboys stand,
With leather chaps upon my legs
And a six-gun in my hand.
And, while the foreman sees me
I'll make some Winter plays,
But I will catch a regular
When the herd's thrown out to graze.

I'll have a full-stamped saddle
And a silver-mounted bit,
With conchos big as dollars,
And silvered spurs, to wit;
With a long rawhide reata
And a big Colt's forty-five
I'll be a model puncher
As sure as you're alive.

I want to be a tough man,
And be so very bad,
With my big white sombrero
I'll make the dude look sad.
I'll get plumb full of bug juice
And shoot up the whole town
When I start out to have a time,
You-bet I'll do it brown.

I want to be a buster
And ride the bucking horse,
And scratch him in the shoulders
With my silvered spurs, of course...

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