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An Ordinary Morning
‘Twas just an ordinary mornin’
Somewhere along in May,
When my husband hollered from the yard,
And then I heard him say,
“I’m goin’ to the pasture,
It’ll take an hour or two,
And if you’d like to come along,
We’ll drive out in Old Blue.”

Now I don’t get to tag along
Much, as a general rule,
But I’d finished with the chorin’
And the kids were all in school.
‘Twould be just like we were courtin’
I was happy at the chance,
For you take it where you find it
When it comes to ranch romance.

Now Old Blue is kind of ancient
And he’s got some scars and dents,
‘Cause we use him when we’re feedin’,
Checking cows and fixing fence.
But the engine runs like clockwork,
And the tires are pretty fair,
All except that right front whitewall
That sometimes loses air.

And there’s a chunk of bailing wire
To fasten down the hood,
And a saddle blanket for the seat
Where the cushion’s not too good.
The cab is kind of cluttered up
With stuff we need, that’s true,
There’s vet supplies and fencing tools,
And ropes and rifles too.

Well, we headed for the pasture
(‘Course I opened every gate.)
And we found that little heifer,
The one that calved so late.
Her bag was near to bustin’
Milk was dripping’ from each teat,
For she’d kick that little feller
Every time he tried to eat.

So my husband said, “I’ll fix her
And I’ll do it slick as soap,
“Cause I’ve got you here to help me,
And I brought along my rope.
Now I’ll ride Blue on the fender,
And you steer him from the seat,
And I’ll rope that little mama
And we’ll let her baby eat.”

Well, I lined up on that heifer,
And he built himself a loop.
Then she took off at a gallop,
So I just poured on the soup
And Old Blue was doing thirty
When we topped that little knoll,
But he had her caught for certain
--Then I hit that badger hole.

The cow kept right on goin’
But we made a sudden stop.
My husband landed underneath
And Old Blue was there on top.
But I saw that rope come trailin’ past,
And it cheered me up a mite,
So I jumped right out and grabbed it,
And I snubbed that critter tight

Around a most convenient rock.
You should have heard her beller.
Then I went lookin’ for the calf,
And I brought that little feller
And I held him to his mama,
And it really pleased me some
To see his little belly
Growin’ round, just like a drum.

Made me think about my husband.. …
So I went back to Old Blue
To kind of take a look around
See what I had to do.
Blue was standin’ kind of hip-slung,
‘Cause one wheel was up some higher,
But ‘twas nothin’ that I couldn’t fix
With just some balin’ wire.

My husband lay there underneath,
Said he thought his leg was broke.
But it made me pretty happy
Just to know he didn’t croak,
So I twisted stuff together
And I stuck Blue in reverse
And I backed out of that badger hole.
Then I heard my husband curse;

And when I stopped to think of it,
He was right, without a doubt,
Instead of backin’ over him.
I should have pulled him out.
Well, I got him loaded in Old Blue
‘Mongst all those other things,
Propped his leg up with that blanket
Though it meant I rode the springs.

And we finally limped on into town,
Not travelin’ very fast.
Old Blue, he got new tie rods,
And my husband got a cast.
Just an ordinary mornin’
Really nothin’ out of line.
By the way, I checked that heifer
And that calf is doin’ fine.
by Elizabeth Ebert of Western Folk Life
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