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The Nooseletter
Vol. 3 - No.05 May, 2021 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
Hello all my good friends. It is with great sadness that we remember our good friend, Johnny Crawford. He was a lifetime member of the Reel Cowboys, and a REAL COWBOY. As most of you already know, he passed away yesterday (April 29th) afternoon, while fighting a battle with Pneumonia and Covid-19. This man was a personal hero to me throughout my childhood and a close personal friend. He will be missed. This issue of the Reel Cowboys Nooseletter is dedicated to him.

On another note, we will be meeting for a Reel Cowboys breakfast on Saturday, May 1st. See our calendar page for details.
Johnny Crawford, 'The Rifleman' Dead at 75
~Naman Ramachandran
Actor Johnny Crawford, known for playing Chuck Connors’ son in ABC series “The Rifleman” from 1958-63, has died. He was 75.

“It is with great sadness and heaviness of heart that the Johnny Crawford Legacy team announce the passing of Johnny Crawford,” it was posted on the Johnny Crawford Legacy website. “He passed away peacefully this evening, April 29, 2021 with...
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John Wesley Harden's 21st
~Dakota Livesay
A person's 21st birthday is usually special, and because of that, it's not unusual to give a party. But, I don't believe anyone has had a birthday party like that held for John Wesley Harden.
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Nathan Harrison
~Daniel Weiss

Around the turn of the twentieth century, Palomar Mountain became a popular destination for tourists from San Diego. Though the mountain lies just 60 miles northeast of the city, at the time, the arduous trip to its summit took several days via horse, horse-drawn carriage, or automobile. The final six miles to its 6,140-foot peak, up a winding grade from the mountain’s base, known as Tin Can Flat, took a full day. The single-lane, unpaved track ran alongside sheer drop-offs and was so steep that drivers would often tie trees to their bumpers for the descent in an attempt to spare their brakes. On the dry, dusty way up, it wasn’t long before the horses were panting for water and the Model T radiators were bone dry. So it was with great relief that, two-thirds of the way up the slope, travelers would come upon...

Audrey Hepburn
~David Crow

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most iconic movie stars of the 20th century, yet her experience with both the Dutch resistance and Nazis in World War II is largely forgotten.

In stories of doomed World War II gallantry, little is as romanticized as Operation Market Garden. A technical failure by the Allied Powers to defeat the Nazis in 1944, this invasion of the Netherlands left British paratroopers stranded around a bridge in Arnhem, far too removed from their tanks to hold the line. Nevertheless, the bravery of those Airborne “Red Devils” has lived on in pop culture, as have the Dutch resistance fighters who sheltered them. What has been largely forgotten is that among those courageous souls was… a teenaged Audrey Hepburn? For about a week, in fact, the future movie star kept...

The Buckhorn Saloon
~G.R. Schiavino

Located seven miles north of Silver City and like most Western mining settlements, Pinos Altos came to be following the discovery of gold in its free-running waters. A post office was erected in 1860, and not many years later, as the Civil War came to an end, the Buckhorn Saloon was established to quench the thirsts of the many-hundred miners who had arrived in the years since.

With its 18-inch adobe walls and traditional vigas, the building was constructed with a mind for defense, the town having suffered through the 1861 Battle of Pinos Altos when Cochise joined forces with 400 of Mangas Colorado’s Chiricahuan warriors in an effort to convince the miners the price for gold was too high. Even today, visitors to Pinos Altos can visit...

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Frozen in a Shack
~Nikola Budanovic
The rise and fall of Baby Doe Tabor. Once lauded as the most beautiful woman of the West, Elizabeth McCourt Tabor, widely known by her nickname Baby Doe, was the embodiment of a rags-to-riches story, with an unfortunate twist which brought her back to rags. In 1935, when she died, the newspapers wrote about her death as a trivial remnant of an age long passed:

Fortunes thrown away. Widow of Tabor freezes in a shack.

Baby Doe died penniless, guarding a silver mine in a time when silver had lost most of its value. She inherited the mine from her husband, who...
Top 12 Guns of the Wild West
~Phil Spangenberger
“The Gun That Won the West!” “Which gun was that?” you may ask, but, as any serious arms enthusiast would tell you, regardless of advertising or promotional rhetoric, no single firearm tamed the American frontier by itself. Rather, a number of different guns were significant in settling our western territories.

The American West was conquered over a period of decades, beginning with the birth of the industrial revolution, a time of great improvements in firearms technology. These guns were used by diverse people, who relied on them for sustenance, defense, conquest, protection of life and property, law...
Old West Wisdom
~Kathy Weiser
A large collection of cowboy wisdom from the old west. They carry lots of advice that will help you navigate the world we live in, such as:

- Every trail has some puddles.

- There’s no place ’round the campfire for a quitter’s blanket.

- Tossin’ your rope before buildin’ a loop don’t ketch the calf.

- Polishing your pants on saddle leather don’t make you a rider.

- A closed mouth gathers no boots.

- Don’t name a cow you plan...

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Johnny Crawford - Today is Cindy's Birthday
Hard Times
~Jim Fish

When hard times come they sit a spell,
Like kin folk come to stay
A-packin' troubles, pets an' kids
That always get ‘n your way.
It's drought an' flood, an' flood an' drought,
There ain't much in-between.
You work like hell to make ’em good,
But still they’re sorta lean.

The ranch went under late last year,
The drought got mighty tough.
The boss held-out a long, long time,
But finally said, "enough!"
So here I am dispatchin’ cops
An’ watchin’ felons sleep,
In Junction, at the county jail...

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I found this on Ancestry.com.
The "Tackett's" are in my wife's (Elaine) direct lineage.

Picture from the "50 Years of Rodeo" Souvenir Book.
Willy Tackett is my wife's great uncle Jerry William Tackett---note his hat of choice.
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