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The Nooseletter
Vol. 3 - No.04 April, 2021 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
April Fools everybody. There are no fools here. This is another Reel Cowboy Nooseletter brought to you by your Reel Cowboys Treasurere, Webmaster, and friend, Charles. I hope you are all safe, vaccinated (or at least have the intention of being so. And now for a shout out to our very own Frank and Seza, who were in the recent film, Prospectors "The Fogiven." Frank won the "Best Supporting Actor"in a Western Film award at the recent Sunny Side Up Film Festival at the Coleman Theatre in Miami. Oklahoma. You can see a youtube news article about by clicking here. The Reel Cowboys are very proud of both of you.

Anyway, this was a very fun edition to put out. I hope you enjoy it.

Just as a reminder: The SASS California State Championship presented by the Double R Bar Regulators is happening on the 7th through the 11 this month at the WORLD FAMOUS DOUBLE R BAR shooting range in Lucerne Valley. The main shooting competition is on Friday April 9th and Saturday April 10th. There are side matches and warm up matches on the other days. Guest and spectators are always welcome (Bring eye and ear protection). The event is located at:

The Lucerne Valley Lions Club, 30200 Del Oro Rd, Lucerne Valley, CA. 92356 (Google Map)

The Messed Up Truth of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
~Deborah Kennedy
It's a shoot-out that has come to represent the glamour and gore that defined the Wild West, or, at least, our modern-day understanding of it. Pitting a motley crew of unconventional lawmen — the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday — against the so-called Cochise County Cowboys, the gunfight at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, was over in less than 30 seconds. When the dust cleared on the afternoon of October 26, 1881, three men lay dead. The deceased were all Cowboys: Billy Clanton and brothers Tom and Frank McLaury. Two of their compatriots fled the scene. The Earps and Holliday survived, although Morgan and Virgil Earp and Holliday were wounded.

The battle was the result of a long-standing feud between the Cowboys and the Earps with bad feeling and rivalries on all sides. This being the old west, drinking was involved. So were cards and women and out-sized egos, not to mention intense...
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Emmett Dalton
~ by Dakota Livesay
In the Old West, as it has been throughout the ages, a woman has the power to destroy a man or to give him the strength to change his life for the better. This week's story is about a man whose woman did the latter.

Emmett was the youngest brother of the famous Dalton outlaws. Because of his age, his brothers didn’t include him in on their early escapades. But he was there at their infamous attempt to hold up two banks in Coffeyville, Kansas.

Prior to leaving for Coffeyville, Emmett had been dating a Julia Johnson. But he left her, stating, “An outlaw has no business...
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The Texas Riding Club Keeping Black Cowboy Culture Alive
~Aislyn Greene
Imagine. You’re standing on the century-old, red-bricked Main Street in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s January and chilly, but not excessively so. Cold enough for onlookers around you to pull hats down tight on their heads, but warm enough to remain outside for an hour or more as a steady stream of horses and riders clop past, part of a 112-year-old tradition that, each year, kicks off the 23-day Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Group after group has paraded by, some in full uniform, others more casual—this is the “All Western Parade,” when dozens of riding clubs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area strut their stuff. Suddenly, a new troop appears, one with such unity and style that a little charge ripples through the air. Maybe your eye first catches on what appear to be...
Steve McQueen's Ex-Wife
~Closer Weekly Magazine
Steve McQueen’s Ex-Wife Neile Adams Reveals Details About Their Doomed Hollywood Romance

He was a struggling actor and she was a Broadway star when Steve McQueen picked Neile Adams up for their first date in 1956. “I had never been on a motorcycle before,” The Sand Pebbles star’s ex-wife, Neile, recently dished to Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. “He said, ‘Get on and hold on tight.’ I was a convent girl, so I was used to being told what to do. That was the start of our romance!”

They wed later that year, and their love’s breakneck pace didn’t wane after Steve became a superstar in films like 1968’s Bullitt. “When he was good, he was adorable, and when he was bad, he was a pain in the ass,” the 86-year-old shared.
History of the American West
~Stephen Aron
Not too long ago, historians of the American West joined their artistic brethren in celebrating what we now think of as the “Old West.” For historians and artists, the “winning of the West” was a glorious achievement that heralded the triumph of “civilization” over “savagery.” Indeed, by the conventional scholarly wisdom and orthodox artistic vision, the vanquishing of Indians and the march of manifest destiny made America great and made Americans special.

In recent decades, however, most historians—and many Americans—have rejected this perspective. Dismantling cherished fables about the Old West and stripping the romance from the history of “Westward Ho,” newer studies have exhumed the human casualties...
click here to read more... click here to read more... click here to read more...
Quigley's Sharps Rifle
~Phil Spangerberger
Among the most recognizable silver screen firearms, this Shiloh rifle has earned “star” status in its own right.

Perhaps the most famous movie gun in recent cinema history, Tom Selleck’s 1874 Sharps copy earned stardom and lasting fame in MGM’s Australian Western, Quigley Down Under. Boasting a 34-inch octagon barrel, the rifle weighs a hefty 12 pounds, 14.1 ounces. An extra duplicate aluminum barrel was made up to allow mounting a horse easier. Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company produced three rifles as backup for the film, and for years, has been offering exact replicas—with the customer’s own initials in gilt on the receiver—to Sharps enthusiasts.
When the TS Ran a Wagon
Cowboy Showcase
Thad Smith was the buckaroo boss on northern Nevada's TS Ranch in the 1970s and 80s. He contacted us with some historic photos that belong to him and said, "I would really like for them to be posted." The photos show some real authentic buckaroo history and we are proud to present them with a little of the ranch background. For another story on the TS Ranch see our article The Historic T Lazy S Ranch of Nevada.

In those days, they ran a wagon on the TS, a ranch that stretches over 48 miles from headquarters to its most distant cowcamp at Coyote. Buckaroo boss Thad Smith and his crew of five buckaroos camped with the cattle for six or seven months...
Fastest Gunslinger
~A.C. Grimes
Stories about the Wild West tend to be full of holes. For instance, History Net says the legendary Doc Holliday was not the lethal gunslinger that Wyatt Earp professed him to be. A tuberculosis-stricken dentist, Holliday was physically fragile and benefited from the veneer of fierceness his friends manufactured. Similarly, Earp's life story is filled with information gaps and fabrications.

Old West narratives aren't just full of plot holes and mysteries; they're also riddled with bullet holes. Some of those bullets were fired by the fastest gunslingers ever to bust a cap. Unfortunately, even without the problem of vivid revisionism...
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Derek Kolbaba and Chase Outlaw talk Bull Ridin
Rodeo Time podcast 59
A Way of Life
~C.B. Rich

Why do you live out here they asked
As they entered our gravel drive.
“Don’t you like civilization,
Don’t you want to feel alive?”

I told them I live in a mountain flower,
In a million blades of grass,
In a stately pine or a twisted fir
High on a windy pass.

In a winding stream or a quiet lake...

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