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The Nooseletter
Vol. 3 - No.03 March, 2021 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
Hello to all you cowpokes. I hope you are all in good health. It is now March and the vaccine is Marching steadily onward. Many of my senior citizen friends have already received both shots and the first responders and healthcare workers have as well. If only the schools were open, but that is another thing altogether.


Announcement from the S.A.S.S. (Single Action Shooting Society) Organization:
Come on out to the SASS California State Championship presented by the Double R Bar Regulators.
April 7-11 at the WORLD FAMOUS DOUBLE R BAR shooting range in Lucerne Valley.
The main shooting competition is Friday April 9th and Saturday April 10th.
Side matches and warm up matches on the other days.
Guest and spectators are always welcome (Bring eye and ear protection).
Location is the Lucerne Valley Lions Club, 30200 Del Oro Rd, Lucerne Valley, CA. 92356 (Google Map)

The Transcontinental Railroad
~ Hostory.com
In 1862, the Pacific Railroad Act chartered the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroad Companies, tasking them with building a transcontinental railroad that would link the United States from east to west. Over the next seven years, the two companies would race toward each other from Sacramento, California on the one side to Omaha, Nebraska on the other, struggling against great risks before they met at Promontory, Utah...
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Jack Harris
~ by Dakota Livesay
As a young man, Jack Harris was a scout for the army, and he fought in revolutions in Central American. Returning to America, he hunted buffalo, served as a policeman, and did some serious gambling.A wealthy man, involved in local politics, Jack was well liked in the San Antonio area.
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Be a Real Cowboy
~ Robert Staffanson
When my Mother was in advanced age I asked her what she felt was the biggest difference between the conditions of her youth (she was born in 1884) and the then-present time (1980s). She said “community”.

She grew up a first generation American in a group of immigrant Danish people grateful to be in a new welcoming country. They came to the West. Think of it: Cowboys with Scandinavian-influenced accents and mannerisms.

My Mother and Dad were cattle ranchers. Standards of behavior and cooperation were embraced and respected then, giving a sense of security and well-being to people facing uncertainty. Those who focused only on themselves, contrary to the myth of the lone, independent...
Restoring Black Cowboys
~ Sarah Maslin Nir
A pack of red cattle dogs bayed with excitement as Larry Callies drove his pickup truck down a Rosenberg, Texas, ranch road one morning. He pulled up to the barn and stepped a booted foot from the cab to the dirt, and the dogs keened even more wildly, eager to get out on the range: The dogs knew a cowboy when they saw one.

But not everyone sees a cowboy when they look at Callies. Though he is inevitably dressed in Wranglers, a 10-gallon Stetson and cowboy boots, driving a pickup with a bed full of lassos around this small city about 35 miles southwest of Houston where he lives, racism and history’s omissions have meant that for many he’s miscast: Callies is Black.

And for most of his adult life...
Cowboy Culture
~ Mary Denton Meier-Evans
It only seems fitting that The Curious Cowgirl should provide a little information to her readers about Cowboy Culture! I get asked quite a bit about the best places to spot real cowboys, cowboy history, and historical cowboys familiar to many people. Clearly, Texas and Oklahoma should be at the top of any list, if you are in search of the real-deal Cowboy Culture!

If you think real cowboys only exist in the movies, think again Pardner…..cowboy culture is alive and well, especially in Texas and Oklahoma. From ranching to rodeos. From stockyards to wide open prairies that go on for miles and miles, it’s 100% possible to experience cowboy culture and see real cowboys for yourself. Here’s a few event-based recommendations.
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Is Bass Reeves the Lone Ranger?
~ Art Burton / Mark Boardman
When The Lone Ranger debuted on the radio in Detroit in 1933, racism was at a zenith in the United States. That the story could have possibly originated with an African American could never be published or talked about publicly. I wrote about the similarities in my biography on Bass Reeves, Black Gun, Silver Star. I stated in the book that we would not be able to prove conclusively that Reeves was the inspiration for the Lone Ranger. We can say unequivocally that Bass Reeves is the closest person to resemble the fictional Lone Ranger on the...
Old West Saloons
~ Stefan Andrews
The image of the American frontier and old west saloons, stretching from the latter decades of the 19th century to the early years of the 20th century, is unimaginable without the saloon.

They were in places in the Southwest where Mexican cantinas had already popped up, but the saloons were the dirty pulsing heart of the frontier, especially as the number of pioneers steadily grew. The first “real saloon” was Wyoming’s Brown’s Saloon, close to the border running between Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado...
Black Cowboy Community
~ Nicole Lane
Photographer Rory Doyle steps into the world of the Delta Hill Riders: a community of African American cowboys and cowgirls that have been erased by mainstream culture.

Rory Doyle studied journalism in college, turning to photojournalism as an elective course in his final semester in college. Learning the basics of photography, he says he “quickly fell in love with the challenge of creating exposures.” After some time, he realised that storytelling through photography, rather than words, was more of...
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SASS: The Single Action Shooting Society
Poetry Taboo Topic
~Carson Vaughn

In Colstrip, Mont., long before the second-largest coal-fired power plant west of the Mississippi coughed to life in the mid-70s, ranchers used to ice the Rosebud Creek. They cut fat, glistening blocks from idle pockets of the river and stacked them in a house insulated with sawdust. They butchered their beef, wrapped it in Bemis Seamless feed sacks, and packed their chuck and sirloin in the ice before the temperatures rose and the sandhill cranes returned. The original refrigerator. At the saloon in the nearby town of Rosebud, they’d place bets on when the Yellowstone River would...

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Old Westerns: Bad things happen when you can kiss the horse, but not the girl
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