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The Nooseletter
Vol. 3 - No.02 February, 2021 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE

Happy February everybody. I hope y'all are doing well and you are healthy. The vaccine is reaching more people. For those senior citizen veterans, don't hesitate to call your locat VA to schedule your shot.

We have a second article this month about Roy Hampton (the artists that painted John Wayne) by his son, our very own Bret Hampton.

~Charles P. Scott

Roy Hampton - People, Places, and Things
~ Bret Hampton
Roy Hampton is not only an unusual artist, he is an unusual man. He started his career late in life, having already attained success as a real estate broker, mortgage banker, and furniture finisher, as well as a host of other jobs. His three sons all grown and on their own, Roy and his wife, Ann, travel the western United States in a thirty-foot motor home that has been their only shelter for the last eight years.

Though he has taught are himself, most notably to American Indians, Roy is mainly self-taught. He tends...
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Undelivered Telegram
~ by Dakota Livesay

On May 19, 1885, a breakdown in the Army's communication resulted in death and destruction. This story is intriguing.

In the mid 1880’s the Apache of the Arizona Territory were causing a lot of problems. Finally in May of 1885 the last of a band of Chiricahua were returned to the San Carlos...

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Johnny Western
~ Johnny Western
Since 1946, when Johnny Western received his first guitar, he has entertained millions as a singer, songwriter and disc jockey. Known best for his song “The Ballad of Paladin,” from the television show Have Gun–Will Travel, Western has recorded seven albums and played guitar on 71 Johnny Cash singles and five Cash albums. Western was recently inducted—his 13th such honor—into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame...
What History Has Taught Me
~ Rex Allen
Rex Allen Jr., son of the "last singing cowboy," is retiring this year; his "Sunrise to Sunset" tour will conclude this October, during Rex Allen Days in Willcox, Arizona. Born in 1947, he started his performing career at Rex Allen Days at the age of five; he continued to sing with his father, Rex Allen Sr., during the summers. Over the course of his 60-plus-year career, he has charted more than 50 songs and appeared on TNN's The Statler...
Postman Always Shoots Twice
~ Sam Tweedle
On a New York winter morning three ominous looking men walk in a CIA office. One man, dressed like a mailman, goes into his mailbag and pulls out a hand held gatling gun. With a clenched jaw and cruel eyes, he aims and fires.

Within minutes, five people are dead and the drama is set up for Sydney Pollock’s 1975 thriller Three Days of the Condor. Starring Robert...
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Heck Thomas
~ Kathy Weiser
Henry Andrew (Heck) Thomas was one of the Wild West’s most effective lawmen, apprehending dozens of notorious outlaws including members of the Doolin', Dalton, and Sam Bass Gangs.

Thomas was born in Athens, Georgia on January 3, 1850, to Lovick and Martha Thomas. Reared and educated in Atlanta, he took on the nickname “Heck” at an early age. His parents wanted him to grow up to be a Methodist minister; however...
Revisiting John Wayne's Legacy
~ Tobias Carroll

Forty years after his death, people are still hotly debating the life and legacy of John Wayne. Earlier this year, a controversy grew after quotes surfaced from a 1971 Playboy interview in which Wayne made a number of racist and homophobic comments. On one hand, the uproar made sense: these comments were, without a doubt, tremendously offensive. On the other, it’s not as though Wayne was thought of as a progressive icon up until that...

The Goodness of Steve McQueen
~ Jeremy Roberts
Barbara Minty McQueen came face-to-face with future spouse Steve McQueen in July 1977 after receiving a phone call from Nina Blanchard in Los Angeles. The modeling agent told her client that the “King of Cool” had spotted her in a Club Med advertisement while he was aboard an airplane and wanted her to audition for the role of a Native American princess in his penultimate project, the western Tom Horn. Apparently it was a strategically planned ruse, as the final...
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Dick Van Dyke 1959 Western Comedy Act
Table for Two
~Sorab Bhathena

I had to say I was sorry,
I cannot see you cry
Your teardrops always drown me
and I've never figured why!

Even though you treat me coldly,
and sometimes with disdain,
I want to tell you, sweetheart...

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Old Westerns: Bad things happen when you can kiss the horse, but not the girl
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