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Call 818-395-5020
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The Nooseletter
Vol. 2 - No.11 November, 2020 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE

Welcome back y'all. (stepping onto my soapbox) It's finally election time and I encourage all of you to VOTE. If you do not vote, you do not have a right to complain about the results. I don't care about who you vote for, just do it (even if you believe your Republican vote means nothing in California). Actually, I do care, because this election will change the world as we know it. Conspiracy theories and unproven allogations aside, if you do not vote for the right candidate, we will all have higher taxes, less jobs, and much less freedom, as China will own America outright (believe it our not). All the good that has been done over the last 4 years will be undone, and all the bad will get much worse.

'Nuff said (stepping down from my soapbox). I AM the Elephant in the Room

Frank PainterLastly, lets all join Frank Painter on Monday morning 11/02/2020. He will be interviewed by Carmelita Pittman during the "Carmelita's Corner" (click the link to listen to the show) portion of the show! They will be discussing The Reel Cowboys, Prospectors "The Forgiven" & The Wild Bunch Film Festival, and who knows what else?!? Get all the details below. All times are Pacific Time.

Enjoy this month's Nooseletter.

~Charles P. Scott
Gary Sinise Honored with Congressional Medal of Honor

The actor known for his role as Lt. Dan in 'Forrest Gump' uses his off-camera time to support veterans, first responders and their families.

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Actor and longtime military supporter Gary Sinise has been honored for his work with veterans and their families.

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s Patriot’s Award was presented to Sinise this week in the Los Angeles area. It’s one of the organization’s highest honors.

Sinise, who is known by many for his role as Lieutenant Dan in "Forrest Gump," has been spending his time off-camera raising money for veteran groups, KABC reported Thursday.

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John Wesley Powell
~ by Dakota Livesay

It took drive and determination to survive, and be successful in the Old West. The subject of this week's story had more drive and determination than most, and his accomplishments reflected it.

On March 24, 1834 John Wesley Powell was born. He was the son of a Methodist minister and farmer. At the age of 18, he had little money and even less of an education. But a determined Powell was able to get a job as a schoolteacher. Powell had to study at nights and on weekends to stay ahead of his students. During this time, he became...

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Earl Holliman
~ by Henry C. Parke

The Sons of Katie Elder, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Giant. With such an extensive resume of classic Westerns, it’s easy to forget that Earl Holliman is best-known for playing Angie Dickinson’s partner on Police Woman. Looking back from age 92 with astonishing recall, he admits, "I can’t remember ever wanting to be anything other than an actor. I’d say, ‘I’m going to Hollywood and be a movie star.’ I just fell in love with what I saw up on the picture-show screen in Texas and Louisiana."

Tom Selleck Looks Back
~ by David Hofstede

Tom Selleck believes the 30th anniversary of his popular big-screen western Quigley Down Under is worth celebrating, and knew exactly how he wanted to do it.

“I called a guy who restores antique firearms and had him restore an 1878 Colt revolver," Selleck says. That gun does not appear in the film, but Selleck thinks it’s the kind Quigley would have chosen. “If he owned a handgun, it would be a state-of-the-art double-action revolver...

Cap & Ball Six-Guns
~ by Phil Spangenberger

Although the percussion ignition system, often called “cap and ball," only reigned for about 45 years (roughly 1820-1865—the shortest lifespan of any firearms ignition system), this period has captured the imaginations of gun fans worldwide. In America alone it was the opening of our Western frontier, the era of the fur trappers, the California Gold Rush, The Mexican War, the struggle for Texas’s independence and the fight at the Alamo. Pre-Civil War conflicts...

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Legendary Western Towns
~ by Fedor's Travel

It wasn’t so long ago that the West was the stuff of legends, a place where bandits and lawmen mixed it up in shoot-outs on Main Street and high-speed chases across the Plains. More than a century after they wreaked havoc, characters like Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickock, and Calamity Jane are still household names; and the towns they haunted, well those are still around, too. Though more civilized than their earlier selves, the thrill of the American frontier lives on in the rodeos, cattle drives, and gunslinging battles that range from South Dakota’s Deadwood...

Top 10 Interesting Facts
~ by Amanda Littlejohn

We can define the Wild West by both time and place. Geographically, it was that part of the United States of America to the west of the Mississippi River. Historically, it was the period in the latter half of the 19th century and the early 20th century.

Before the outbreak of the Civil War, a common expansionist political doctrine known as Manifest Destiny swept through the country. The principle, promoted by the United States government, said it was an inevitable and divinely ordained movement to claim and settle...

The Wild West Era
~ by E.L. Hamilton

The Wild West provides some of the most enduring tenets of American mythology, perpetuated by film legends from Bronco Billy to Clint Eastwood. And no wonder: the lawlessness of the time provided plenty of drama, and the lonely windswept territories, mountainous and arid, provided the cinematic backdrop. The image is indelible: A lonely cowboy clopping across the plains. Cue the Ennio Morricone soundtrack. Ironically, the era that has provided more than 100 years’ worth of celluloid fantasies lasted only 30 years.

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I'm a Black Cowboy. This is My Story.
Gathering of Poets

As I write this, the 35th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is being held in Elko, Nevada. It is an event that celebrates the creative aspects of the West—both the literal and conceptual West. Each year offers a new keynote address that sets the stage for the current Gathering. Supportive luminaries from all walks of life in the West have given past keynote addresses, including Temple Grandin, Stuart Udall and U.S Supreme Court Justice Sandra...

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Frank Painter Wins Best Supporting Actor Award
Frank Painter in Prospectors won Best Supporting Actor at Wild Bunch Film Festival
Frank Painter in Prospectors won Best Supporting Actor at Wild Bunch Film Festival
- click here to see the article -

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