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Call 818-395-5020
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The Nooseletter
Vol. 2 - No.9 September, 2020 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE

Welcome to the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. So far, this year has been one disaster right after another. Covid-19, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, monsoon floods, wind storms, wildfires, locusts, murder hornets, looting, rioting, violence in the streets, removing the police, cancel culture, and other civil unrest; it sure feels like we are in a post-apocalypse. I am just waiting for the zombies to rise. Stay safe and stay indoors (when possible).

There are no upcoming events this month, except the SASS Championship on September 2nd-6th. Go to www.DoubleRBarRegulators.com for more information.

I am still out there trying to help all those senior citizens with computer problems (although I am doing most of it over the internet and phone these days), so give my email address (pcinfoman@gmail.com) or phone number (818-448-1737) to all those seniors in need that you come across. Add to that any disabled folk (senior or not) that need help as well. I am also taking donations of clothes and food and the missions. Just contact me.

~Charles P. Scott
Retired Army Captain Humbled by Gary Sinise Foundation
~ by WCVB 5 Boston
John Hardin Kills Town
~ by Dakota Livesay
During his life, John Wesley Harden killed about 22 men. However, there was another death that could quite possibly be laid at his feet. That was the death of a whole town.

There are several great stories about John Wesley Harden, one of the Old West’s best-known outlaws. One is how he hunted down and killed Juan Bideno. When Harden told the story, he said he found Bideno in Bluff City. The town was actually Sumner City.

In 1871, Sumner City was a young thriving town. Just a year after it was...

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Artist With an Eye for History
~ by Stuart Rosebrook

Nearly 125 years ago, an intrepid Omaha, Nebraska, photographer named Frank A. Rinehart set up a temporary studio at the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, aka the Omaha World’s Fair. Rinehart, the official photographer of the fair, could not have anticipated the long-term implications of the opportunity he was given: a contract to photograph the 500 American Indian people from 35 tribes attending the exposition’s Indian Congress. Like other artists before him, from George Catlin to Edward S. Curtis, Rinehart (who had apprenticed with photographer...

Phantom of the Desert
~ by True West Magazine

As lawmen, historians and treasure-hunters have chased the spectral life of the Apache Kid from Mexico’s Sierra Madre to the U.S. National Archives the past 130 years, the elusive outlaw and former Army scout’s life story has grown in reputation and notoriety. Many of the details of his final years living in Mexico and raiding in Arizona remain unknown, although his final days and demise, according to Lynda A. Sánchez in her February 2019 True West article, “The Final Nail in the Apache Kid’s Coffin," took place in November 1900 in a fight with Mormon settlers in Chihuahua...

The Heeler's Swing
~ by Kendra Santos

One of the elements of roping that’s the most different from roper to roper is the swing. People figure out their own way of doing it, and it can be totally opposite or different from the next guy and yet it’ll still work. Everyone basically figures out how to make his or her style of swinging a rope work. The swing functions as a power source, and also as a way of aiming your throw to the target in the delivery of the loop. The angles that you use in the swing determine what you’re able to do with it. When you learn to swing a rope as a little kid, you develop gifted abilities with your swing...

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The Bull Rider
~ by Steven Leckart

I’m not going out on the stretcher!" shouted Maggie Parker. She winced on the dank dirt as the smell of manure hung in the air.

It was the spring of 2012 in Ponca, Nebraska, and Maggie was lying on the ground inside the arena at the Days of ’56 Rodeo, one of 600-plus competitions sanctioned every year by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Each spring, some 4,000 cowboys begin crisscrossing North America to compete in PRCA events, from roping and wrestling steers to riding bucking broncos. Although women enter PRCA rodeos, they mostly partake in barrel racing, where horseback riders gallop in...

10 Interesting Facts
~ by Elizabeth Yetter

In the late 1800s, Wild West shows began popping up all across the United States. Along with circuses and horse and pony shows, Wild West shows were a big business. They traveled across the US, Europe, and Australia, drawing in crowds nearly everywhere they went. People came to be entertained, because they were curious, and ultimately to socialize with other people who were drawn to the daring feats put on by people from all walks of life.

While the Wild West shows originated in the United States, Australians flocked to the shows when they came to their country. In 1891, Wirth’s Wild West Show was flooded...

Sam Elliott & Katherine Ross
~ by Aušrys Uptas

When it comes to Hollywood romances, seeing celebrities start dating and break up after a few months is pretty often. But sometimes celebs break the stereotypes and start long and meaningful relationships – such as the one between Sam Elliott And Katharine Ross. Ever since the couple met 40 years ago, their love remained strong and serves as a shining example to couples everywhere.

Katherine and Elliott first met in London back in 1978 on the set of the horror movie The Legacy. By that time, both of them were pretty well known actors.

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Saddle Bronc Riding basics with World Champ Hooey Cowboy Jacobs Crawley
A Tasty Sip
~ by Jean Mathisen Haugen

That water tastes cool and soothing,
as the early morning light
dances on the moving water
as if it was pushed by sprites.
The horse is cooling off some
and the cowboy gazes...

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Bobby Innocenti, Solinas RodeoDramatic 1972 photo of seasoned roper Robert "Bobby" Innocenti doing what he does best! He's the first cousin and childhood buddy of very proud Reel Cowboy Marv Del Chiaro - photo provided by Marvin Del Chiaro -
Dramatic 1972 photo of seasoned roper Robert "Bobby" Innocenti doing what he does best!
He's the first cousin and childhood buddy of very proud Reel Cowboy Marv Del Chiaro
- photo provided by Marvin Del Chiaro -
Call 818-395-5020 for more information
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