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Vol. 2 - No.9 September, 2020 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
A Tasty Sip
That water tastes cool and soothing,
as the early morning light
dances on the moving water
as if it was pushed by sprites.

The horse is cooling off some
and the cowboy gazes across the hills,
where he has worked for many years,
with bucks. and bumps and spills.

Some ranch water has a little manure
from the cows that have passed through,
but that ‘ole horse doesn’t care,
for it tastes good through and through.

He raises his head to swallow it
and the cowboy grins at his moves–
he, himself, would like to take a dip,
but all that would only prove,
cooling off for a little bit
and the sun would dry his clothes,
but if it’s a real cool morning,
the chills would come in droves!

It’s time to get on back to work,
and the sun is rising high now–
so he and his horse move on out
to round up an ornery old cow.
by Jean Mathisen Haugen of WYO Today
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