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Call 818-395-5020
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The Nooseletter
Vol. 2 - No.8 August, 2020 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
I hope August finds all you fine country folk in good health. There is not much going on in August as we are all still isolated in our homes due to the latest rules set forth by our Governor. Whether you believe the coronavirus is real or not (or just an overblown press tactic for political gain), please stay home as much as possible as it is crazy and dangerous outside.

A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to our very own Paul Coleman (AKA "the Hiccup Kid") for winning the 2020 Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) scholarship. Good job Paul (and Will & Don as well).

I have included a lot of excellent articles in this month's Nooseletter. as well as a fun video of Sourdough Slim singing "Barnacle Bill the Sailor." ~enjoy

~Charles P. Scott
Kevin Costner
~ by Henry C. Parke
Back in 1989, when Life Magazine asked Hollywood legends like James Stewart, Bette Davis and Olivia DeHavilland to pick their favorite young stars of the day, Joel McCrea selected Kevin Costner. He described the Field of Dreams star as “a little Clark Gable, a little Gary Cooper, a little Jimmy Cagney. A boy like that is ideal for a colorful Western." McCrea was right, although at that time Costner had only played a supporting role in Lawrence Kasdan’s very colorful Western epic, Silverado. The similarity in McCrea’s stoic appeal and his own wasn’t lost on Costner, who’d replied, “Joel and I are the kind of leading men who say, ‘Yup,’ and ‘Nope’ and ‘Where’s the horse?’"

Costner liked hearing McCrea’s words again, three decades later. “I remember enjoying Joel McCrea a lot. He was a really humble guy. Joel was constantly trying to give his roles away to Jimmy and to Gary and to other people, saying that they’d be just...

Lindsey Applegate
~ by Dakota Livesay
We hear a lot about Indian Agents who treated Indians harshly. This week's story is about a man who served as Indian Agent at the request of the Indians he served.

Lindsey Applegate was born in Kentucky in 1808, later moving to Missouri. In 1822, fur trader William Ashley advertised for 100 “enterprising young men" for a fur trading expedition to Yellowstone. Even though he was just 14, Lindsey joined the expedition. After the expedition Lindsey came back to Missouri and worked in various businesses with his family.

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What is a Chuck Wagon?
~ by Samara Perez
Welcome to Made in Texas, where we write about products made in the Lone Star State.

Today we’re featuring the 19th-century Texas invention that played an essential role in a cowboy’s life — the chuck wagon.

A chuck wagon was a mobile food cart that served as a kitchen, pantry and storage space for the cook, also known as Cookie, who had to feed cowboys as they moved cattle through open prairies.

The 19th-century invention was developed by Texas rancher Charles Goodnight at the end of the Civil War in 1866, according to Texas Monthly.

Keeping Maverick Alive
~ by Dana Daly
When you think of James Garner, a lot of films and a lot of characters come to mind. When the star died in 2014, he left behind a grand legacy and several grieving family members. While viewers remember his roles, his daughter Gigi remembers him as simply dad. That is the memory she preserves and reminds others of when prompted.

And Gigi does get asked, quite a bit. Enough so, in fact, that she can look back on all the occasions and recall her routine responses. Those responses are candid and touching. She acknowledges that he, like others, had his pitfalls, but honors the close relationship they had. That’s what she wants to endure...

Locked and Loaded!
~ by Jana Bommersback
Sharpshooter. If that word immediately conjures the image of a man with a gun, think again. History is peppered with female sharpshooters, and a gun wasn’t their only weapon of choice—some used their sharp tongue and wits to hit their marks; some used it all.

Among the most notorious was Pearl Hart, who never even pulled a trigger.

Under five feet and a hundred pounds, this “Lady Bandit" ambushed her way into the history books in 1899: the only known female stagecoach robber pulling off one of the last stagecoach heists in America.

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Cowboy Hat History
~ by Boot Barn

The concept of the cowboy hat worn by a rider on horseback can be seen as far back as the 13th century. The sombrero first appeared in the 15th century, designed in response to the demands of the physical environment. By the early 19th century, the Vaqueros changed the current wide-brimmed cowboy hat they had been wearing, which was based on the sombrero. They redesigned the hat and made it with a tall crown to provide insulation...

National Day of the Cowboy
~ by Brianna

When we read the word “cowboy" a very specific image comes to mind: boots, a cowboy hat, guns, a southern drawl. All of these things are staples when it comes to the cowboy image, and it’s made its way into more than a few episodes of our favorite television shows.  Today we celebrate the Day of the Cowboy, the fourth Saturday in July, with some of our favorite cowboys and cowboy moments from our favorite shows. So saddle up and enjoy!

Coffee With a Cowboy
~ by WesternHorseman.com

The popular TV show “The Cowboy Way" has made it possible for many Americans to watch a day in the life of ranchers in the south. While the three cowboys—Bubba Thompson, Booger Brown, and Cody Harris—were on a break from production they took time to visit with some fellow cowboys. This first virtual visit of The Cowboy Way Presents: Coffee With a Cowboy features Bubba Thompson talking with chuckwagon cook Kent Rollins.

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Sourdough Slim sings "Barnacle Bill the Sailor"
Jacks or Better Fences
~ by Connie Rossingol

I got home from work and there the guys sat
Just eatin' a pizza and chewin' the fat
They were quite unaware of the fracas out back
Caused, it turns out, by my neighbor's old jack

Now, I don't really know 'em, they live to the north
But we wave on the road as we go back and forth
They're passable neighbors in most other senses
Except for this jack and their not so hot fences...

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Paul Coleman, aka "the Hiccup Kid"
Wins the 2020 SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) Scholarship Paul Coleman, aka Hiccup Kid
A big "CONGRATULATIONS PARDNER!!" goes out to Paul (and Will & Don as well), way to go guys!!

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