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Vol. 1 - No. 4 July, 2019 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE
Welcome to the July edition of the newsletter. The Nooseletter is starting to come together with semi-regular submissions from Reel Cowboy members. This month, we have the first of many articles written by our new Social Media Director, Julie Ann Ream, a new section by Evans and Rogers called "At the Movies", and an original drawing from Dulcy Brightman. A big "THANK YOU" goes out to all who are contributing.

It is the beginning of Summer and we were all looking forward to the upcoming 4th of July Parade in Solvang, CA. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to cancel this year's participation in the parade. For those of you that are looking for a place to watch 4th of July fireworks, here is a helpful article on L.A. Curbed.

Don't forget to order your tickets to the 2019 Silver Spur Award show. This year, it is held on September 20th at the Calamigos Equestrian Grand Ballroom in Burbank, CA. Remember, as the money goes to support various charities, your ticket is tax-deductible. This year, proceeds from the event will be donated to the wonderful Gary Sinise Foundation.

Marco Perez | Beloved Husband, father, and friend of the Reel Cowboys. Rest in peace.Lastly, one of our beloved Reel Cowboy members passed away on Tuesday, June 25th. Marco Perez was a reverend, a husband, a father, a friend, and a Reel Cowboy. He epitomized the Cowboy Code in all that he did. Marco fought a long and hard battle with cancer and is now at peace in Heaven. Please keep his family in your prayers.

He Comes, the Old Man ~by John R. Erickson
He comes, the old man. I hear the sound of his pickup breaking the silence of morning. He stops in front of the saddle shed and turns off the motor. The door opens. He steps out and starts this way.

He stops, frowns, brushes a hand over the top of his head. He goes back to the pickup for his hat. He forgets things.

He comes through the gate, closes it, hooks the chain back on the nail. He coughs and looks up at the elm tree whose limbs grow out across the corral. The leaves are beginning to turn...

Ed Masterson
A retired Old West lawman recalled that, "Nice guys just didn't make it as lawmen on the frontier." Today's story is about one such "nice guy" lawman, and what happened to him.

Edward Masterson, the oldest of seven children, was closest to his brother William, who was one year younger that he. At twenty years of age, he and brother William left home to hunt buffalo.
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  July 4
Solvang 4th of July Parade
  July 6
Reel Cowboys Meeting
(at Denny's on Sepulveda/Burbank in Van Nuys)
  July 13
Mac & Cheese Beer Festival
  July 18 - August 22
Free Concerts at the Skirball
  July 19
Sander Pillar: Jazz to the Blues
  July 20
Reel Cowboys Meeting
(at Denny's on Sepulveda/Burbank in Van Nuys)
  August 17
8th Annual 'American Legion'
Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament
The Unlikely Dozen
~by Heroes & Icons
In the world of TV and movie Westerns, there are a whole lot of familiar faces. Of course, you've got your stars like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Chuck Connors and James Arness. And all those character actors like Harry Dean Stanton, Jack Elam and Slim Pickens. But among these colorful casts, every now and again, an unlikely cowboy slips into the mix, briefly appearing in Westerns before riding on to greener pastures of broader genres.

Recently, it was announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be starring in a new Western series for for Amazon's steaming service. It's...
Calamity Jane, 1953
~ by Evans & Rogers
Doris Day and Howard Keel are fussing, feuding and falling in love in this spectacular Technicolor musical. Inspired by the success of the 1950 MGM musical film Annie Get Your Gun, Warner Brothers found another famous pistol-packin' mama to write a musical around.

While Irving Berlin's wonderful score for the MGM film is hard to beat, Calamity Jane’s score by Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster works even better because of the way the songs are woven into the plot.The characters are more interesting in this film because they are...
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Roping the Legend of Tom Horn
by Jeremy Roberts
What’s right about Tom Horn,
Steve McQueen's misunderstood penultimate film that scored tepid box office receipts in the wake of the action star’s mesothelioma death sentence? What doesn't work? How about the western’s unsettling, downbeat finale? Why did the King of Cool not see eye to eye with three directors—Clint Eastwood mentor Don Siegel and Cat Ballou mastermind Elliot Silverstein among them—and then unofficially take the reins from the next in line?
The Real Calamity Jane
~by Christy Cooney
The images contrast with the male cowboys and bandits that most people picture when they think of the old American frontier.

They show the "ladies of ill repute" who, although lesser depicted in Hollywood films, were infamous in their own lifetimes.

The westward expansion of the settlers in the United States during the 19th century gave rise to a new breed of law-breakers on the...

Tale of 3 Hollywood Cowboys
~by Julie Ann Ream
As a docent at Valley Relics Museum, I often speak of the making of the Westerns both in movies and on TV, and will share that story in the next issue. This issue will share a quick synopsis of my family of 3 very famous 'Hollywood Cowboys'; my grandfather Taylor 'Cactus Mack' McPeters, and his 2 first cousins, Glenn Strange & Rex Allen.

Cactus and Glenn were born 1 week apart to sisters in Weed, New...

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Just Ramplin'
~ by Larry Maurice
I love seeing' the dessert sun rising
Through a cow ponies ears
If nowadays it's only in my mind
Down through the canyons and over the plans
Shafts of light...
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Featured Photo
Original Drawing by Dulcy Brightman
Original Drawing by Dulcy Brightman

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