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Vol. 1 - No. 3 June, 2019 Nooseletter Home SUBMIT AN ARTICLE

Note from the editor,
It's summer time for the Reel Cowboys, and we had an excellent turnout at the Canoga Park Memorial Day Parade. A special "thank you" goes out to Robert Lanthier and Steve Foki who got up extra early to bring the float to the parade. Now we are looking forward to the 4th of July Parade in Solvang, CA. Another "thank you" goes out to Teri Gamson for providing a new poem, which sparked the new "Cowboy Poetry Corner" section of this newsletter.

The Western Jubilee in Oklahoma was huge success. Here is a comment from Charlotte McKinna, the wife of Johnny Crawford:

Johnny Crawford and I went to Ardmore, Oklahoma at the beginning of the month for their Western Jubilee. We saw the Movie that he made in West Virginia a year ago called, “Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws". Johnny played William S. Hart in that movie; it was great!

On the final night of the Event they had a large banquet. Julie Ann Ream presented Johnny with a “Lifetime Achievement Award" and His brother Bobby got up and spoke for about 10 minutes about Johnny and his life and his music. It was very moving and when he finished talking, everyone gave Johnny a standing ovation; there had to be at least a thousand people that clapped and clapped and kept applauding for at least 10 minutes. Brought tears.

~Sincerely, Charlotte
Say Goodbye to the Sportsmen's Lodge ~by Charles Scott
As many of you may be aware, the iconic Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, California suffered from a electrical fire last January. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but this small kitchen fire evidentially damaged not only the kitchen, but much of the of the Events Center as well". As a result of this, the events center is being demolished to build a high-profit shopping center.

There are many rumors floating around that they are going to rebuild the Events Center, but that turns out not to be true; the new plan is to return to the old plan...

Poker for Cattle
Have you ever played penny-ante poker? If you were really bad you may have lost as much as $20. In the Old West there wasn’t such as thing as "penny-ante" poker.

The May 9, 1885 Kansas City Journal tells the following story of a poker game between a Texan and Major Drumm. The Texan was never named, but Major Drumm was known as a gambler with great natural resources.
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  June 1
Reel Cowboys Meeting
2019 Iron Horse Carnival
  June 7
Sandra Pillar at the Viva Cantina
  June 9
SFV Restaurant Tour at the Valley Relics Museum
  June 15
Reel Cowboys Meeting
  June 16
Father's Day BBQ Lunch Train Ride
  June 21
Evening at the Autry
  June 23
Disabled Veterans Sail Day
The Code of the West
First chronicled by the famous western writer, Zane Grey, in his 1934 novel The Code of the West, no "written" code ever actually existed. However, the hardy pioneers who lived in the west were bound by these unwritten rules that centered on hospitality, fair play, loyalty, and respect for the land.

Ramon Adams, a Western historian, explained it best in his 1969 book, The Cowman and His Code of Ethics, saying, in part:

"Back in the days when the cowman with his herds made a new frontier, there was no law on the range. Lack of written law made it necessary for...

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1959 TV Westerns
Many important things happened in 1959; Alaska & Hawaii became the 49th & 50th states, American Airlines launched the very first transcontinental flight, the first missile-carrying submarine was launched, NASA's rocket-powered X-15 made it's first glide flight, Oklahoma ended an excruciating 51-year prohibition, The United States launched 'Explorer VI' into space and sent back the first video of the earth...

There is something substantially more important and endearing to the hearts of all the people, as it...

Honoring Western Legend
John Wayne on his Birthday

John Wayne, whose real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison, was an American actor and filmmaker. Wayne, nicknamed “Duke," was born in Iowa, but grew up in Southern California. The iconic actor is known for his roles in Western movies and led the top of the box office for three decades.

Wayne began his film career as a prop man. He landed his first big role in the film “The Big Trail" in 1930. His next important role came a decade later in “Stagecoach" in 1939, and he found success again in “Red River" in...

Places in the U.S. Where Cowboy Culture is Alive and Well
The cowboy is the symbolic icon of American West culture and dates back more than two centuries.

Today, being a cowboy means living the ranching lifestyle. Cattle operations are the largest single segment of American agriculture. More than 1 million beef producers in the U.S. are responsible for more than 94 million head of beef cattle. And there is a vast amount of sheep, goats, and horses that are raised in rural America. With all of that livestock to manage, the cowboy way of life is still essential to American society.

~by Charles Scott & Robert Lanthier
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Featured Photo
Clff Ericson performing at the 'Western Legends Roundup'
Cliff Erickson of the Reel Cowboys performing at the 2018 Western Legends Roundup (now called the "Western Legends Heritage and Music Festival") in Kanab, Utah. The man on horseback is Lee Anderson, a cowboy poet and historian from Arizona, and a real cowboy.

Spiritual Cowboy
by Teri Gamson

I wrote this when I was talking to a fellow Cowboy after he heard one of the songs that I wrote. He wanted to know if I could combine Religion, Spirituality, & Cowboys. It took me less than a day to come up with this. I now have someone who is working on the music, and wants to sing/record it!

The poem suggests the perfect partner. Someone who gives his heart and soul to his wife and family, and whose religion is a big part of his life. Through it, he has learned love, compassion, communication, and all that life has to offer. His family knows they will never be alone and never be mistreated.

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Mustang Grey
by Tom Greym Tularosa, New Mexico

First heard it sung by a man named Sanford, who kept a saloon in La Ascension, Mexico, about 1888.

There was a brave old Texan,
They called him Mustang Gray;
He left his home when but a youth,
Went ranging far away.

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