Taurus World Stunt Awards
Sam EllliottAs many people already know, being a stunt man/woman is extremely dangerous. In doing the wonderful work that they do, sometimes. the stunt person is injured.

The Taurus World Stunt Awards Foundation was established to provide support for the international stunt community and financial assistance to members of the Taurus World Stunt Awards Academy, who experience a debilitating stunt-related injury. Financial grants are considered on merit in the event of a stunt related temporary, partial, or permanent disability.

The Foundation will be perpetuated by annual Taurus World Stunt Awards programming and by ongoing fundraising activities.

The Taurus Foundation Committee is made up of an advisory board of Blue Ribbon Committee members (some of whom are previous Silver Spur awardees) who supervise all of the Foundation’s activities, including awarding of grants.

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