Bill MacdonaldBill Macdonald
Bill Macdonald is a aviator, historian, & producer that entered the entertainment industry as a film investor and international legal/financial consultant. He has received a Golden Globe and Writers Guild nomination for writing HBO’s epic series Rome which he conceived of and is co-creator with John Milius (Apocalypse Now) and Bruno Heller (The Mentalist).

Bill is producing the 10 part series The Flying Tigers. (He co-wrote the scripts and is directing one episode). He is adapting and developing several projects including: Storyville (the tale of America’s most notorious red light district for DTV), The Woman Who Defied Kings (based on Andree Aelion Brooks’ biography regarding the extraordinary life and times of Dona Gracia Nasi), and Arch Alien, (a sci-fi series created by Bill Macdonald, Ralph Hemecker (Witchblade & Once Upon a Time) and Stan Lee (Spiderman, Iron Man, & Avengers).

In recent years, Bill wrote Dynamo for Mos Films in Moscow (the phenomenal saga of the Ukrainian soccer team members who were assassinated after defeating the Luftwaffe and SS teams in 1943), The Rape of Nanking, for Prescient Pictures (based on Iris Chiang’s best-selling expose of the atrocities perpetrated by the Japanese over Christmas 1937), & Middle Kingdom (the fantastic history of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank from its founding through WWII).

Currently, Macdonald is writing a feature film entitled The Secret War (detailing the extraordinary valor of certain CIA personnel and their Hmong partners in the air war conducted in N.E. Laos during the Vietnam conflict). He is also writing an 8-part mini-series concerning the “Haitian Revolution” of 1789-1805 as well as the biblical epic of the Maccabees in ancient pre-Roman Judea.

Among Bill Macdonald’s credits as a producer are: The Saint (starring Val Kilmer and Elizabeth Shue for Paramount Pictures), and Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders (for Turner Pictures, starring Tom Berenger and Sam Elliott, directed by John Milius. He co-produced Sliver (starring Sharon Stone, Tom Berenger and William Baldwin).

Bill is often credited for coining the phrase “edutainment” to describe using television programs to entertain while simultaneously educating the viewer. As such, he is considered an early pioneer of premium event historical programming, which has gained such worldwide popularity in recent years. He was the President/Partner in the Robert Evans Company at Paramount Pictures for five years before rejoining Paramount. Bill also served as the Vice President of Business Affairs for Siren Pictures.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, and a JD from Fordham Law School (Law Review) in New York City. He’s a member of the board of Nifty TV, Inc. and the Santa Monica Museum of Flying.

As you can plainly see, Bill Macdonald is infatuated with history, but he is also an avid surfer and an aviator. He has flown some 70 aircraft over a 40 year aviation career and restored several WWII airplanes. He has some 600 hours in a Boeing Stearman Biplane and another 400+ hours in various other aircraft (largely pre-1960 vintage ones).