Marguerite Happy Marguerite Happy
Raised in Salinas, California by Jim and Sally Martins with one brother Kearney, Marguerite married Clifford Happy in 1977 and moved to Newhall. After 40 years of marriage they are most proud of their two sons Sean, Ryan and daughter in law Erica. Her father-in-law, Don Happy, helped her become an extra in the motion picture business at age 18. While working on the film "1941" in 1979, stunt coordinator Terry Leonard converted her during a fight scene and her stunt career began. Credits include: "Little House on the Prairie", "How The West Was Won", "Thelma and Louise", "Men in Black II", "The Mask of Zorro", "Runaway Bride", "Charlie's Angels Full Throttle", "Pure Country", "Rodeo Girl", "Shadow Riders", "Triumphs of a Man Called Horse III, and "Bad Girls", to name a few.

Marguerite is a loyal Gold Card member of The Women's Professional Rodeo Association and enjoys competing in the Barrel Race and Team Roping.

She was inducted into the Hollywood Stuntmen's Hall of Fame in 2011 and is humbled to become an Honoree of The 2017 Reel Cowboys Silver Spur Award.

The first stuntwoman recognized was Jeannie Epper who has served as one of Marguerite's mentors. Marguerite is proud to become the second stuntwoman ever honored for work in Westerns and would like to thank all the stunt coordinators for giving her opportunities that have proven to be memorable, the wranglers for their support and supplying the talented horses, to so many who have given her a "boot up" along the way, The Reel Cowboys for acknowledging Western performers including Stuntmen, Stuntwoman and Motion Picture Livestock Producers. A special heartfelt thanks to her husband Clifford who always believed in her when she stepped out of her "comfort zone."

Marguerite Happy began working in the Motion Picture Business in 1977 as a background extra when her father in law Don Happy helped her sign with Central Casting. She began working as a stuntwoman in 1979 and had the opportunity to work alongside Katharine Ross on “Rodeo Girl” when stunt coordinator RL Tolbert hired her as a stuntwoman. “Rodeo Girl” proved to be one of her fondest memories in the business. She is grateful for the enduring friendships from that shoot which includes Katharine and Wilford Brimley. Marguerite is thrilled to be presenting to Ms. Ross and looks forward to seeing all of the Honorees at The 2017 Reel Cowboy Silver Spur Awards Ceremony. She hopes you will join the “All Star” Cast September 15th. Thank you to The Reel Cowboys for continuing to acknowledge “Western” Performers and she looks forward to a multitude of westerns receiving the “green” light providing “heros” to our next generation of fans.

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