Michael Dante Michael Dante

Michael Dante was born in 1931 in Stamford, Connecticut. He is an American actor that is known for his role in Winterhawk (1975), Westbound (1959), Seven Thieves (1960), and Kid Galahad (1962).

Michael Dante has starred/co-starred in 30 films, 150 television shows and was under contract to 3 major studios; MGM, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox.

Michael Dante played the title role in the classic film 'Winterhawk' and was selected by the great director Sammy Fuller to play the part of Grant in his Film Noir cult film, 'The Naked Kiss.' Michael Dante co-starred in two films with Audie Murphy, 'Apache Rifles' and 'Arizona Raiders' and starred in his first film 'Westbound' with Randolph Scott and Virginia Mayo. He was the safe cracker lover boy in the film 'Seven Thieves'.

Michael received the Silver Spur Award in 2006 and is always welcome at the Reel Cowboys Silver Spur Award Show.

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