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Mark Your Calendars for the Next Year: The 19th Annual Silver Spur Awards - September 16th, 2016
Download the 2016 Silver Spur Award Show Flyer
Elvis Presley in 'Charro'
The Reel Cowboys are very proud to honor
"The King"
He has more than earned the prestigious
Silver Spur Award
Even though he was named the 20th century most prolific singer / entertainer in 2000, his contribution to western films (Love Me Tender [1956], Flaming Star [1960], and Charro [1969]) is what makes him deserve the honor of getting a Silver Spur award in 2016.
In addition, he also received the National Veterans Memorial medal in 2016 for military service to his beloved country.
He received a resounding applause at the 2016 Silver Spur Award Show for this dynamic unforgotten American patriot.
Visit the IMDB Page for Elvis Presley
Greg Palmer in 'Rio Lobo' Gregg Palmer
Gregg has been a good friend of the Reel Cowboys for many years.
Last year, during the 2015 Silver Spur Awards Show, he was told that he was to receive the honors on the following year; he was overjoyed!
Sadly, two months later, he passed onto his favorite western town in heaven. Still, for 2016, Gregg will be honored.
It was our esteemed pleasure to bestow this honor, at the 2016 Silver Spur Award Show, to a fine man for his super long list of western films over the years. Big smiles and cheers from the audience will insure his son, Rick, will be beaming with pride of his father.
Visit the IMDB Page for Gregg Palmer
Richard Herd in 'Rain Maker' Richard Herd

One of the most versatile actors to grace the silver screen and television. Richard Herd’s dynamic and commanding acting has lent his expertise to several roles in countless television series, such as: three seasons on T.J. Hooker, Seinfeld, Rizzoli & Isles, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Brisco Counrty Jr., Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid, Star Trek, Quantum Leap, just to name a few. Some of his many films include: All The President’s Men, The China Syndrome, The Onion Field, Sgt. Bilko, F.I.S.T and Wolf Lake. In addition to his film and television credits, he is an accomplished stage actor, receiving awards for such productions as: The Rainmaker, Cecil B. DeMille Presents, Elephant Sighs, My Last Confession, Other People’s Money, and The Death of a Salesman.

And that’s not even scratching the surface of his talents. He is a talented singer, painter, poet and also does radio plays, television games and voice overs.

It is a true pleasure for the Reel Cowboys to honor such a prolific multi-talented and wondrful man at the 2016 Silver Spur Award Show.

Visit the IMDB Page for Richard Herd
Ben Bates Publiity Photo Ben Bates
Ben Bates is known for his work on Ruckus [1980], The Legend of the Lone Ranger [(1981], and Swamp Thing [1982].
Ben also worked on the long-running television series, Gunsmoke as the stunt double for James Arness (Matt Dillon) from 1955-1975. In addition, in 1979, he worked as a stunt coordinator on the television series, How the West Was Won.
In 2015, Ben was a guest at the 18th Annual Silver Spur Awards, while the Reel Cowboys celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Gunsmoke; he was well-recieved by the audience. In 2016, it was our pleasure to honor this wonderful man, as he was being given the well-deserved Silver spur Award by the Reel Cowboys for his work in Westerns on tv.
Visit the IMDB Page for Ben Bates
Ed Faulkner in 'The Undefeated' Ed Faulkner

Ed Faulkner, is a U.S. Air Force veteran. After he served, he set out to become a civil engineer, but in 1958, he decided to try acting and moved to Los Angeles. Within a month he found a role on the televison western episode of Have Gun - Will Travel. From there, he played various roles in Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wagon Train, and other western TV series.

Over the years he became a journeyman actor, appearing in over 250 TV programs and approximately 30 theatrical films and made-for-TV movies.

He is also known for his roles in John Wayne films, including Rio Lobo, McLintock, and The Undefeated. He has worked with many top actors, including: Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, Maureen O'Hara, Rock Hudson, Jim Hutton, Vera Miles, Katherine Ross, just to name a few.

The Reel Cowboys was proud to honor Ed Faulkner in 2016 for his outstanding constribution to our western culture.

Visit the IMDB Page for Ed Faulkner
Michael Learned as Olivia Walton in 'The Waltons' Michael Learned

Michael Learned is an Emmy Award-winning, and extremely talented actress who is best known for her role on the long-running television drama, The Waltons. She began her film career in the early 60s with small roles and appearances in television series, such as Gunsmoke, and Police Story. However, we all spent much of our youth loving her performance as the faithful and caring mother, Olvia Walton.

"Growing up in a house of ten people, I related personally with this television show and the mother that showed so much love and compassion to her family."
~Charles Scott, Treasurer of the Reel Cowboys.

Since then, Michael went one to portrary a wide variety of characters in many different television series, such as: Nurse, St. Elsewhere, Murder She Wrote, Promised Land, Scrubs, General Hospital, The Young and Restless, and many others.

The Reel Cowboys were extremely pleased to honor Michael Learned for her work in early television and family values during the 2016 Silver Spur Award Show.

Visit the IMDB Page for Michael Learned
Bruce Boxleitner in 'How the West Was Won' Bruce Boxleitner

Bruce Boxleitner 's big break occurred when he was cast opposite James Arness in the pilot for the epic series How the West Was Won. Being a skilled horseman, he utilized his talents in numerous Western TV series and films including Gunsmoke V: One Man's Justice, with James Arness, CBS' remake of Red River, Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone, and Down the Long Hills, based on legendary western author Louis L'Amour's novel of the same name.

He was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City in April 2012, honoring him for his illustrious career in western films. In addition, he is a two-time recipient of the Wrangler Award.

The Reel Cowboys were deeply honored to have Bruce Boxleitner as our Master of Ceremonies at the 2016 Silver Spur Awards show.

Visit the IMDB Page for Bruce Boxleitner
Edie Hand Edie Hand
Visit the 'Edie Hand' Official Website

In addition to being the first cousin of Elvis Presley, Edie Hand is an actress, business woman, television celebrity, advertising executive, and book author of over twenty books. The business world knows Edie for her many acts of kindness and work in various charities.

Edie has starred in national commercials, daytime television soaps, and has hosted numerous radio and television shows nationwide. She has been the CEO of Hand N’ Hand Advertising, Inc. since 1976 while actively involved in the Alliance for Women in Media (formerly known as American Women in Radio & Television) for more than 40 years.

The Edie Hand Foundation was created after the loss of her three young brothers and her numerous battles with cancer. Edie’s mission is to help make life better for others. The foundation helps to benefit The Children’s Hospital of Alabama, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, and assists with education and supplies for orphans in Asia through the Ramini Kids Foundation.

The Reel Cowboys was very pleased to have Edie as a presenter for her legendary cousin, Elvis for the 2016 Silver Spur Award Show. She is a truely wonderful friend to the Reel Cowboys.
Luster Bayless Luster Bayless

Luster began his career at "Western Costume". He later worked as a freelancer dedicating his skills to various films. His talent eventually caught the attention of John Wayne, and served as the Duke’s personal costumer for more than a dozen films, finishing with Wayne's last movie, "The Shootist".

John Wayne made Luster aware of the importance of what goes on the head one time when he told him, "You give me the hat and I'll figure out what's underneath it."

He has worked with directors John Ford, Howard Hawks, and Francis Ford Copolla. From Steve McQueen to Brad Pitt, the Emmy winner has dressed them all, including movies The Quick and the Dead, Rooster Cogburn, The Train Robbers, Big Jake, True Grit, Cheyanne Autumn, McLintock, Gunsmoke, Tom Horn, and the miniseries, Lonesome Dove. Not bad for a sharecropper’s son who hitchhiked to Hollywood from the Delta in 1959 with only $65 in his pocket.

For these accomplishments and many more, the Reel Cowboys were very pleased to have Luster Bayless as a presenter in 2016.
Visit the IMDB Page for Luster Bayless
Morgan Woodward Morgan Woodward

Morgan Woodward is most known for his iconic role as the "man with no eyes" in the well-known movie, Cool Hand Luke. However, he also appeared many western television series, such as: Gunsmoke, Wyatt Earp, Rawhide, Wagon Train, The Virginian, Bonanza, The High Chaparral, Cheyenne, The Restless Gun, The Texan, Bat Masterson, Sugarfoot, and many others. He was not just a television actor though, he also was several western movies, such as: Firecreek, Death of a Gunfighter, The Wild Country, The Great Locomotive, and Gunsmoke: To the Last Man. He was a huge part in bringing western culture into our lives.

At the 2015 Silver Spur Award Show, Morgan received the National Veteran's Memorial medal for his patriotic service in WWII and Korea. At the 2003 Award Show, he received the Silver Spur award. As you can see, Morgan is a very special member of the Reel Cowboys.

The Reel Cowboys are deeply honored to wish a heartfelt HAPPY 91ST BIRTHDAY (Born: September 16, 1925) to Morgan Woodward at the 2016 Silver Spur Award Show.

Visit the IMDB Page for Morgan Woodward
Janet Arness Janet Arness at the 2015 Silver Spur Awards Show
Wonderful Janet "Lit Up the Room" at the 18th Annual Silver Spur Awards Show last year, as we celebrated the "60th Anniversary of Gunsmoke". She IS Mrs. James Arness (Matt Dillon). At last year's show, she received the "Founders Award" for her husband's many years on Gunsmoke, in which he kept the television audience tuned in for all those twenty years.
It is our esteemed pleasure to have her again in 2016, presenting an award to one of television's most famous stuntmen/actor, Ben Bates, who had the distinction of being the stunt double for James Arness.
Surely, this will be a historical event, as we celebrated the longest-running tv western series, Gunsmoke by giving Ben Bates his well-deserved Silver Spur 2016.
Visit the Official Website for James Arness
Wyatt McCrea Wyatt McCrea
Wyatt is the oldest grandchild of the late actor, Joel McCrea and his actress wife, Franses Dee.

He is a co-owner of Third Point Productions, which primary produces television content, commercials, and music videos. He is the Executive Producer for several projects, including Shootin' the Breeze, Cars Undercover, A Racer's Life, and The Joel McCrea Story. He has also appeared in the cable series Call 911, and the History Channel's Big History. He served as the co-emcee for the Western Music Association Awards in 2012 and 2013 with Lou Diamond Phillips. He is a founding member and board president of the Joel McCrea Ranch Foundation, serves on the board of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, is a board member of the Will Rogers Foundation, a member of the Rodeo Historical Society, a board member of Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship, and on the advisory board for the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo, CA.

Wyatt McCrea is a "real cowboy" and the Reel Cowboys are delighted to have him at the 2016 Silver Spur Awards show presenting an award to Ed Faulkner.

Visit the IMDB Page for Wyatt McCrea
Judy Norton Judy Norton as 'Mary Ellen Walton' in 'The Waltons'

Judy Norton is an American actress and theater director who is best known for her role as Mary Ellen Walton on The Waltons television series. Since then, she has appeared on many tv programs (The Love Boat, Millennium, Stargate SG-1, The Inspectors, Beggars & Choosers, etc.) and several films, including the various Waltons TV movies.

Currently, Judy commutes between the U.S. and Canada. When in the USA, she does stage and TV. However, when she is home in Canada, Judy and her husband, Robert Graves, run a chain of dinner theaters. In addition, she has been writing, directing, and starring in the Canadian show, Bluff.

The Reel Cowboys were very happy to have Judy Norton at the 2016 Silver Spur Award Show as a presenter for her "Waltons" mother, Michael Learned, and we thank her for all she has contributed to western TV.

Visit the IMDB Page for Judy Norton
Bo Svenson in 'Walking Tall' Bo Svenson

Bo came to the United States and joined the Marines when he was only 17 years old and was honorably discharged after six years of service.

This extremely talented man is a multiple award winning actor, writer, producer, and director. He has starred in over 80 motion pictures and several hundred hours of network television. He has directed numerous films, mostly in the action-adventures genre and his television directing credits include Kung Fu: The Legend Continues for Warner Bros. He was a principal on the creative teams of films such as Walking Tall, Part II and Final Chapter, Walking Tall, films in which he also starred.

While the recipient of numerous awards and nominations, including the 2012 Silver Spur Award, Bo has received the 'Italian Institute of Art Award of Merit', the 'American Culture Foundation Man of the Year Award', Italy's 'Legione Garibaldina Ruole D'Onore', the 'NAACP Image Award', the 'Academy of Science Fiction and Fantasy Golden Scroll Award', and the 'Hollywood Women's Press Club Gold Apple Award'.

The Reel Cowboys were blessed to have this man as a special guest at the 2016 Silver Spur Awards show.

Visit the IMDB Page for Bo Svenson
Louis Gossett Jr. in 'El Diablo' Louis Gossett Jr.
Being from Brooklyn, New York, Louis has a flair for projecting quiet authority, and has scored well in a string of diverse and challenging roles. This aspiring actor caught a break in his first audition for Take a Giant Step in 1953, where he beat out 400 other candidates, landing the lead role. His acting career soon flourished and his work in the stage and film versions of the groundbreaking drama, A Raisin in the Sun (1961). This led to numerous appearances on several television series in the 1960s and 70s, culminating in 1977, when he won an Emmy for his eloquent portrayal of Fiddler in the ABC miniseries, Roots.

Meanwhile, his screen reputation grew with his critically acclaimed work in such comedies as: The Landlord (1970), The Skin Game (1971), Travel With My Aunt (1972), The River Niger (1975), and The Deep (1977) catapulted him to a wider popularity. However, it was his role in An Officer and a Gentleman in 1982 that won him the 'Best Supporting Actor' Oscar and consoludated his place in Hollywood hierarchy. In 2005, he became the new lead on the popular science fiction series, Stargate SG-1, introducing him to a new generation of fans worldwide.

Gossett has received every known accolade, including multiple Golden Globes, Emmys, Peoples Choice, and even the 2013 Silver Spur award.
Visit the IMDB Page for Louis Gossett Jr.
Martin Landau Martin Landau

An Oscar-winning character actor who got his start in 1951, making his stage debut in Detective Story at the 'Peaks Island Playhouse' in Maine. He made his off-Broadway debut that same year in First Love. He auditioned for Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio in 1955; alongside 2000 other people. Only he and Steve McQueen were accepted.

Martin is most known for his work on the 1966 television series Mission: Impossible, in which his characterization was so well-received and so popular with the audience that he received Emmy nominations as “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series” for each of the three seasons he appeared, and in 1968, he won the “Golden Globe” award as Best Male TV Star. In addition, he has also appeared in many other television series, such as: The Outer Limits, Star Trek, In the Heat of the Night, and of coarse, Gunsmoke, which earned him the prestigious Silver Spur award in 2015.

Portraying Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton's Ed Wood (1994), earned him the “Best Supporting Actor” Oscar, as well as his third Golden Globe, and top honors from the New York Film Critics Circle and the National Society of Film Critics.

Visit the IMDB Page for Martin Landau
Johnny Crawford Johnny Crawford

An American character actor and musician. He is mostly known for playing 'Mark McCain', the son of 'Lucas McCain' in the popular western series, The Rifleman, from 1958 to 1963. However, he appeared in many other television series such as: The Big Valley, The Lone Ranger, Wagon Train, and Little House on the Prairie. In addition, he had many movie parts as well, working alongside John Wayne in the 1967 movie El Dorado and also in the 1965 film Indian Paint.

While enlisted in the United States Army for two years, Johnny worked on training films as a production coordinator, assistant director, script supervisor and occasional actor. His rank was sergeant at the time of his honorable discharge in December 1967. For this reason, the Reel Cowboys were pleased to present Johnny with the National Veteran's Memorial medal at the Silver Spur Awards Show in 2016.

Since 1992, Crawford has led a California-based vintage dance orchestra which performs at special events. His band has been sponsored by the Playboy Jazz Festival; and the orchestra has been the repeated choice for 15 consecutive annual Art Directors Guild Award shows at the Beverly Hilton. A remastered version of the orchestra's highly rated first album, "Sweepin' the Clouds Away," was released in 2012.

Visit the IMDB Page for Johnny Crawford
Rosemary Forsyth Rosemary Forsyth

Rosemary was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada. She made her acting debut in 1963 on the TV series Route 66. In the mid 1960s, she was groomed by Universal. The soft, demure beauty showed quite a bit of promise amid the rugged surroundings as the young romantic co-star to a number of top male veterans. James Stewart in Shenandoah (1965), Charlton Heston in The War Lord (1965) (for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award), and both Dean Martin and Alain Delon in Texas Across the River (1966) all utilized her services in their respective film. After that, she worked on many more films, such as Where It's At (1969) starring Robert Drivas and Dick Van Dyke, Some Kind of a Nut (1969), What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?, How Do I Love Thee?, The Brotherhood of the Bell, City Beneath the Sea, Black Eye and the disaster film Gray Lady Down.

She showed up regularly on the small screen in a slew of standard 70s TV-movies and episodic guest roles. On daytime, she took over the role of 'Laura Horton' on Days of Our Lives (1965) from 1976-1980 and also had regular, albeit brief, parts on Santa Barbara (1984) and General Hospital (1963). In recent years, she has popped up as more arch matrons on such popular shows as Monk (2002), NYPD Blue (1993), and Without a Trace (2002).

The Reel Cowboys was happy to have Rosemary Forsyth as our guest at the 2016 Silver Spur Awards Show.

Visit the IMDB Page for Rosemary Forsyth
Julie Ann Ream Julie Ann Ream - Hollywood Support Group

Julie heads up the HOLLYWOOD SUPPORT GROUP of the National Veterans Memorial. She has worked in television and radio alike, and came by her love of the west naturally. Born into a family rich in western entertainers, she happily spends her time working to preserve entertainment & western heritage.

Julie works in the production of live events; most benefiting charities all around U.S. and just completed work writing, producing, and directing the GUNSMOKE 60th Anniversary Reunion which was held September 18th 2015 at the 18th Annual Silver Spur Awards. She curates museum displays featuring her family for both the Lone Pine Museum of Film History & Rex Allen Museums. You can find her most recent displays at the San Fernando Valley Relics Museum in Chatsworth, CA. and at Melody Ranch Museum at Melody Ranch Movie Studios in Newhall, CA. She produces the Western Legends Awards, and works closely with the Silver Spur Awards where she proudly presents the medals of honor to the actors and those in the industry who served our country in uniform for the Hollywood Support Group of the National Veterans Memorial. She wishes to thank the Reel Cowboys for welcoming her to make these presentations at the 2016 show. Congratulations to everyone!

Visit Julie Ann Ream's Website
The Reel Cowboys of Hollywood

In Memory of the Founder of the Reel Cowboys, Jack 'J.C.' Iversen
In Memory
of the Founder

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The Reel Cowboys of Hollywood
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