Ben Bates Publiity Photo Ben Bates
Ben Bates is known for his work on Ruckus [1980], The Legend of the Lone Ranger [(1981], and Swamp Thing [1982].
Ben also worked on the long-running television series, Gunsmoke as the stunt double for James Arness (Matt Dillon) from 1955-1975. In addition, in 1979, he worked as a stunt coordinator on the television series, How the West Was Won.
In 2015, Ben was a guest at the 18th Annual Silver Spur Awards, while the Reel Cowboys celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Gunsmoke; he was well-recieved by the audience. In 2016, it was our pleasure to honor this wonderful man, as he was being given the well-deserved Silver spur Award by the Reel Cowboys for his work in Westerns on tv.
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