Janet Arness Janet Arness at the 2015 Silver Spur Awards Show
Wonderful Janet "Lit Up the Room" at the 18th Annual Silver Spur Awards Show last year, as we celebrated the "60th Anniversary of Gunsmoke". She IS Mrs. James Arness (Matt Dillon). At last year's show, she received the "Founders Award" for her husband's many years on Gunsmoke, in which he kept the television audience tuned in for all those twenty years.
It is our esteemed pleasure to have her again in 2016, presenting an award to one of television's most famous stuntmen/actor, Ben Bates, who had the distinction of being the stunt double for James Arness.
Surely, this will be a historical event, as we celebrated the longest-running tv western series, Gunsmoke by giving Ben Bates his well-deserved Silver Spur Award.in 2016.
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